vogue : memorable lunch dates


{dress} h&m | old
{belt} ralph lauren
{sunnies} ray-ban
{visited} ming court

Memories are treasures. Treasures that you never lose. You lock it up in a place so private, a place that is your own. Ming Court is one of those places for me. A place where I store my most memorable second, minutes, hours, days. Like the time we said goodbye to my cousin and his brand new wife as they went on their tropical honeymoon and spent the entire evening munching on little appetizers with the rest of the wedding party. Or the time I celebrated my last birthday with my parents before moving to Scotland. Or the time, one of my favorites, I was awarded an incredible scholarship from the American Heart Association at state science fair when I was 15 years-old. Or the time my great-uncle surprised us with a visit from California.

This restaurant holds some of the fondest moments of my life, so it was just natural for me to ask my dad if we all could go to Ming Court for lunch for dim sum and sushi.
And his response? “Already made the reservation.”

{And if you’re wondering, we always order}
green tea with lemon
shrimp dumplings
shrimp & scallion cakes
a sushi roll based on how adventurous we’re being
chicken & basil with the stickiest white rice