vogue : my SOTs

{blouse} forever 21 | similar | also worn here
{trousers} tommy hilfiger
{purse} london fog | similar
{heels} ann taylor | similar | also worn here
{sunnies} ray-ban
As you probably noticed from my previous outfit posts, I prefer to wear skirts and dresses than trousers. Since moving back home and reuniting with the rest of my closet, I thought it was a special day to wear something different. Something I would not dare to really wear. Something that I have not worn in a long, long time. Everything felt new again. Looked new even though it was worn over and over. I hugged my heels, kissed my belts, and pranced in my dresses. It was a special day for a fashion enthusiast like me.

I have a running joke with one of my friends who often repeats his pair of Tommy Hilfiger Baby Blue straight cut trousers. I ridicule him for wearing them all the time, but oh he loves them so. He calls them his special occasion trousers, or SOTs. The trousers that you wear only for a truly significant moment. Though he took the special occasion part entirely too seriously since he wore them just too often, I adapted his mantra for this very moment.

Yes, I do believe I am wearing my special occasion trousers today as I reunite with all my material love.