{weekend note}

♫♪ Feeling Good by Nina Simone

Well, I guess it’s old news to say that I’m home now in America. First, I wanted to thank all of you for the well wishes and safe travels, and while we’re at it… let me thank you for all the congratulatory wishes after I submitted my dissertation. You all have been {other than my parents} my number one fans. My cheerleaders. And this would not have been possible without you. I will spend this {weekend note} answering a few questions many, many of you have asked.

First, I will continue to blog. I absolutely loved what it has done for me. Provided me opportunities, introduced me to kind people, divorced me from all things stressful, transitioned me into an adult. It really has. I feel as if my life has become this controlled chaos. I have enjoyed every moment of the journey and I really hope you have too. Thus, I will continue to blog.

Second, what’s next after St. Andrews? I submitted my dissertation, which still needs grading. I will then graduate in November. So I have a bit of time before I start my big girl job. As for the real next step? I am going to hold back before sharing anything as I’m trying to make decisions and figure out what I really want to do.

Third, many have asked about my experiences. Very specific questions and I’m quite humbled. I’m not an expert on travel, living abroad and the like, but if you have any specific questions about what I studied, St. Andrews, and/or anything else about my other world… please email me. I will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Finally, nothing will change on c&é. I will continue to post recipes, outfit posts, photographs. Though they may not be as scenic as St. Andrews, they will still be shared. Above are the last of my photos from St. Andrews. It was the most beautiful end-of-the-summer day with the most exceptional light pouring in through the branches and leaves and sparkling up the waters that the swans so beautifully glided through.

And to get back to routine of things, here are a few of my favorite links.

* * *
Can you spot the special someone I found on stylegawker?

Craving this Middle Eastern-inspired salad.

Perusing through this new favorite blog.

The end of summer dessert.

43 places to visit in 2013.

Jenna Lyons in the modern suit.

Perfect appetizer with a glass of sauvignon blanc.

Finally taking the time for some zen with these.

This and this makes the perfect transitional outfit.

* * *
A victorian sponge cake and on happy regrets.

In love with the idea of dreaming under a canopy bed.

The joy of crisp, white sheets and starting fresh.

Evening walks along a picturesque St. Andrew.

* * *
Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

{all photos captured by c&é}

  • it looks so peaceful and beautiful!


  • whitneycosgrave

    thank you for sharing the links, and the lovely photos! have a good weekend 🙂


  • It really was, Maggie! xx

  • You're very welcome! xx

  • Tamara Coleman