design : mosaic tiles, marble floors and gilded finishes

It is probably the colonial house elements or the design type of a pied-a-terre, but this hotel has that majestic feel of old romance. The intermingling of Western influence in an Eastern setting, you cannot feel anything less than awe. As each piece seems to be placed just perfectly in its spot. What used to be a perfumery and fragrant shop, this transformed hotel captures the elegance of its historical significance.
Calle 55 N. 516 Col.
Centro, Merida, Yucatan CP 97121
  • Tanvi

    Who doesn't love tiles right? Reminds me of my grandparent's house from probably 100 years ago.

  • It is exactly what I thought of 🙂 x

  • ricky bond

    Your ideas are excellent I have also some ides here

  • ricky bond

    Nice post it is helping me get good idea for mosaic tile.
    I am using Mosaic from here

  • ricky bond

    Love the colors and patterns in those tiles! You picked great ones.
    I have also seen some ides here

  • ricky bond

    Just searching for ideas for my mom's birthday this weekend and so glad I came across this.
    I have a ton of tiles in the garage that would make for an excellent project.
    I'm thinking a bit of a twist though and making a mosaic jewelery box. Thanks for the great idea!

  • Glad to hear that! x

  • All the mosaic tiles, marble floors and gilded finishes are attractive and eye-catching. We can add vibrant color in mosaic tile and make it very beautiful. All the pictures are very beautiful and shows the beauty of mosaic tile.