parties & entertaining : c&é’s favourite party planning apps

As you probably know from my stories about precious moments spent with family and friends, I am one to host a lot of dinners and gatherings. Intimate details, endless wine, lots of laughter in the comfort of good food and company. It is the precise equation to a beautiful night and the birth of a captured moment. I’ve become quite an expert of getting details together on a whim and implementing these evenings or even days quite seamlessly. Though, I cannot do it without the help of a few of my favorite parties and entertaining apps.
This one is the creme de la creme of party organizers and worth the purchase. Everything syncs from one device to another, all your guests are managed in one place, and set reminders for yourself. It has saved me from a few great issues. The best part is, the app’s site is extremely helpful to help you streamline your tech-party planning skills for efficiency.
Only for iPad, myBanquet lets you do many of the same skills as pro party. It is just as user friendly. Though, I’ve enjoyed both. The key difference, however, is that this app provides the best method to manage RSVPs and seating arrangements.
Are you playing host and bartender? The best place to store unique cocktail ideas whilst maintaining the traditional classics is the speakeasy cocktail. Surprise your guest when they ask for a French gimlet and you serve it right up.
I’ve mentioned hello vino before in my cheese plate post. If you’re not too knowledgable about wine pairings, it guides you to types of wines that go with anything you’re serving and even helps you build a menu based off of the wine you do have. This is a c&é favorite app!
This app is perfect for an intimate gathering and it’s perfect for the host that doubles as the chef. You manage units and amounts of ingredients, create shopping lists, and when everyone enjoys your dessert or soup you can share the recipe with your guests.
A party isn’t complete without wine music! Create playlists and if your simple cocktails evening transforms into a rave {speaking from experience}, you can use your gadgets to accommodate such a situation.

It’s silly really. For my everyday tasks I’m more of a paper and pencil kind of girl. A gilded pocket book that never leaves my side. Though, when it comes to parties and gatherings, these are just a few I can’t live without. Do you have any tips or tricks that you use for effective and efficient party planning?

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