recipe : autumn bulgur wheat salad

autumn salad recipe, salad recipe, autumn bulgur salad, bulgur salad, bulgur recipeautumn salad recipe, salad recipe, autumn bulgur salad, bulgur salad, bulgur recipeBeing back home I’ve been exposed to an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables that have the sweetest juices and the spiciest kicks. The avocados have flavor, the tomatoes drip down your arm, you can feel a subtle heat from the red onions, bell peppers come in more colors than you can imagine. After living in Scotland, exposed to only the finest root vegetables, I’m glad to be going back to green again. Therefore, I think you can say I’ve been on a salad kick lately.

Every afternoon for lunch I chop up the recent Sunday’s farmers’ market findings. Add a bit of homemade dressing or just a twist of lemon along with some lemon zest. And just a little c&é secret, afternoon salads allows you to indulge in mid-afternoon biscuit breaks.

This recipe is one of my favorites. It’s not really a tabbouleh, yet not a salad. I started experimenting a bit with fresh herbs. I’ve always cooked with basil and rosemary, but I wanted to use more herbs in raw dishes, or create a flavorful broth, or combine something sweet with a unique twist! The earthy, organic flavors of the watercress and spinach partners quite beautifully with the citrus-esque parsley.

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