recipe : chipotle-chocolate spiced black bean and butternut soup

black bean soup, soup, black bean, butternut squash, butternut squash soupAs autumn starts to slip into our lives and we say goodbye to the last of summer, we start to transition ourselves for chilly days and cozy evenings. This time last year, in Scotland, I was already starting to feel the frigid temperatures taking a toll on me…

Stews and soups always bring me back to my childhood. Sharing a hearty bowl of soup with my friends after an afternoon spent outside in the cooler temperatures. Soups bring a comforting feeling to us. A feeling of content and warmth. Quite literally and figuratively, may I add. Though a simple, yet bizarre combination, I found this soup to be my comfort food for the extreme winter months spent at St. Andrews.

The smokiness of the chipotle, earthiness of the cumin and creaminess of the chocolate. It’s the perfect relationship that emanates the ideal bowl of soup.

{ps} I realized this post was up all day yesterday! I guess my scheduling was a bit off this week…

This recipe was adapted from Sprouted Kitchen.

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  • This looks simple enough for me to even make it! Soup is definitely my favorite comfort food, and has got me through some very tough times and chilly weather.