recipe : fusilli with caramelized onions and mushrooms in a brown butter and sage sauce

fusilli, caramelized onions and mushrooms, mushroom pasta, caramelized onions pasta, browned butter, browned butter recipe, pasta recipeIMG_5670fusilli, caramelized onions and mushrooms, mushroom pasta, caramelized onions pasta, browned butter, browned butter recipe, pasta recipe
I recently had a long conversation with a friend about the importance of doing what you enjoy versus the importance of doing something out of expectations. I’m expected to pursue a career in what I generally like to label as “international affairs”. I am expected to flourish and do well and set goals high enough to make them sound a bit utopian. Though, I have this world that I truly enjoy and have completely immersed myself in and that’s this world of fashion and design and cooking with the blog.My friend then continued to ask why I blogged. He was so impressed that I had started something from scratch and kept up with it even through graduate school. And then I realized I never shared my feelings about blogging here, though many of you probably are in the same boat…

Yes, it’s difficult. Difficult to put aside time to do your daily things, and in my case, study for an energy risk management license or consider job offers. It is difficult to have to wake up an hour before schedule to tend to my virtual world. Answer emails, tweets, facebook messages. Engage with readers, read other blogs, look for inspiration. Continue to draft posts, put together outfits and measure ingredients for a recipe.

I engage my creative side to keep me sane. My blog lets me be the girl I want to be whilst working in a very male-dominated sector. My job lets me challenge myself intellectually. At the end of the day when I sit in bed reflecting on my days accomplishments, I don’t have this feeling that I have achieved something. I have a feeling that I’m living a dream. Yes, it all sounds a bit fantastical, but I get to pursue everything I love on a daily basis.

And just a bit about this recipe. Since that’s why we’re here today. I find this pasta recipe to be my comfort pasta. Creaminess from the butter, the warmth of the sage, the earthiness of the mushrooms and the sweetness of the onions. I made this with my friend, Aart, when I was in Scotland on a day I was missing home most. I never made this before and this recipe has no connection to home, but it is that comfort of cooking and sharing with a friend.

To tie everything we learned together today… My blog lets me share how much I cherish the little things in life. Cooking and sharing a meal with a friend and for making that moment feel like I was back home.

* * *

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