bit of life : graduating & achieving


Achievements. A noun that describes the success of an endeavor, the completion of a goal, the overcoming of a struggle. It’s funny how the moment we have achieved something we rid our memory of all the impossibles, failures, tears, obstacles we had to once endure to get here. Quite possibly one of my most difficult years academically, walking across the stage and receiving my Master of Letter in International Relations will always be one of those precious moments that will make me smile and smile wide. I look at this day where I have satisfied one of my toughest goals and deem it as a great leap towards completing one of my most difficult of goals. Graduation weekend came and went and in the end I was saying goodbye to many, many of my peers and friends.

St. Andrews, you will always be such a fond memory of mine. To think that in such a place, 
I led such a life…