five essentials : holiday entertaining made easy

Entertaining is quite the tradition in the family and comes quite natural to use with a few tips in mind though during the holidays we find entertaining even more fun when we’re hosting family and close friends for days. It’s always a treat to have them over and since this is one of the first holiday season I have been home in many, many years we’re taking advantage and having friends and family visiting from all over. During the holiday season though, gatherings should be more magical with comfort, happiness and festive shimmer. And so these few tricks and tips should make this time of the year’s entertaining a serene and festive one… 
{prepare early}
It’s very important to select a date your guests can attend since most people usually do their traveling during the holidays. After choosing a date, prepare your lists and be sure to get what you need early. Ingredients like pumpkin, sage and all-spice are some of the most common and run out rather quickly. Be sure to get things early enough for preventative measure.
{festive drinks & treats}
Prepare drinks and foods for the holiday season. The best way to distinguish a holiday party from any ordinary party is the use of color and spice. As mentioned before, I prefer to prepare drinks large decanters or pitchers and a winter holiday season sangria might just be the perfect choice. And finishing up the dinner with a moist winter spice cake with an eggnog buttercream icing. Though if you’re going for something more fall themed for dessert, perhaps an apple-fig galette
{spread the holiday cheer} 
No holiday ambiance is complete without a bit of festive decor. Dress for the part in a deep hue red dress or a fair isle sweater.  Sometimes a holiday playlist is perfect to keep the jingle going in the mood and of course bringing a bit of nature in doors with pine cones and poinsettias.
{get the guests involved}
Alongside decor, the holiday atmosphere is perfected when your guests feel included and involved. Remember those ugly sweater parties in college? Or my favorite was secret santa. Prepare a game or suggest some guidelines as to what to wear.
{the perfect, festive party favor}
Finally, the holidays are about spreading cheer and sharing warmth. My favorite way to do this hen I’m hosting is sharing some baked goods for the drive home or to have the next day with a cup of hot cocoa. Maybe a hot chocolate kit or some pumpkin snicker doodle cookies.

Have any holiday tips or even some ideas? Would love for you to share so others can read and be inspired. Can’t wait to get this year’s festivities in order and I will be sure to share details with you!