recipe : sweet potato and lamb tagine

IMG_8800IMG_8771IMG_8776IMG_8778IMG_8780IMG_8792IMG_8798I actually made this recipe a bit differently from what I posted below. I wanted to make it a bit more special. Very special actually since it was the first time I was making this recipe for my father since being back from St. Andrews. No pressure.

This recipe, and I know I say this about every single one of them, but this one is very special to me. It reminds me of the recent summer. Reminds me of Caroline and her mother’s visits. Reminds me of the glasses of wine shared with Allison. Reminds me of all the dinners Lizzie kept missing. Reminds of dancing and cooking with Mario. Reminds me of Maggie yelling at us for taking over the kitchen at the most inconvenient times. Reminds me of Tania unexpectedly entering the kitchen with her studies tales. Reminds me of the time Aimee and Karolina throw an impromptu dance party. Reminds me of the countless times we teased Craig. Reminds me of the time Nat and I watched some horrible movie in the common room. A few weeks back I graduated from St. Andrews and said goodbye to a chapter that I will never forget. Yes, I’m sitting in a busy, bustling cafe in London as I draft this completely misty eyed as I look back on all the special moments this recipe is intertwined with. So this recipe, I share this with a very intimate group of people, and that is you…

* * *

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