vogue : a simply, sequined new years eve

Last year I spent new years eve all bundled up on North Bridge counting down the seconds until the clock struck twelve to wish some of my closest friends from St. Andrews a very happy 2013 ahead. It was the thrill of being in a foreign country, the thrill of being with new people, the thrill of being quite possibly a combination of excitement and exhaustion that made every second worth it. And so this year I spend it with some of my intimate friends and my family in a much warmer climate. It is quite the juxtaposition, isn’t it? And so I seek a simple, chic outfit that still invites the delights of new years through sequins and tulle. And this, for new years eve, is an outfit inspiration…
Wishing you a very happy and safe new years eve!
  • Amanda CW

    Oh wow! How stunning!


  • Iwona

    I really like your blog! It' s very interesting:) I would like to show you A quick outfit recap of my looks of 2013 year! and If you get a second, I'd love to hear your thoughts on topic my outfits:) I greet:) http://fabricandcolor.com/

  • Thank you so much Iwana! x

  • Thanks Amanda 🙂 x

  • Carla Schwartz

    Fun skirt for a fun evening!

  • Simona

    That skirt is so beautiful, loved the scarf as well!

  • Thank you Merritt and happy new year to you 🙂 xx

  • Agreed! Also a very happy new year to you Carla 🙂 x

  • The combo is nice isn't it? Happy new year to you Simona 🙂 x