bit of life : a new year & 2014 in words

2013 has come and gone in a blink of an eye. There is a saying leaving on a high note and this year, as anticipated, ended in just that. With the completion of my biggest milestone and following its achievements, this year has demonstrated growth and maturity. Though saying goodbye to 2013 will be rather difficult with a few losses and obstacles, there has been so much love and uplifting news. I am quite excited to see where this new year takes me. To a different city or a country? To further my career to fulfill my aspirations? To make new friends and reacquaint with old?
And so after the endless glasses of champagne, captivating fireworks, midnight kisses… it is 2014.
From me to you, a very happy new year. 
And as always, the new year brings new words to live by as previously shared here and here
Life since the birth of c&é and quite literally throughout the last 20-some years has constantly changed. New places, new people, but the same goal. I have come to a place in my life where I believe my knowledge can be applied. It is time for me to slow down and gather all that I have learned to see change be that in a finally starting my career or moving to a place where I know I’m destined for good things.
With all the growing and searching and dreaming I’ve done the last 20-or-so years, I’ve finally come to realize what I want and like. I understand myself and my limits a lot more than what I did a year ago, though this is a gradual process, I think I’m in a safe place now. And with all the people who have helped me recently and long ago, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done to make me truly exceptional. Though I can never repay you with what you all have done for me, I believe in paying it forward. And so I want to give, give knowledge, in charity, in whatever way I can within my capacity.
Intermingled with evolve and give I think I’m finally seeing uniformity in my life. I’m in a place where I can pace myself and breathe. I know many of my intimate readers are chuckling at this as I’m a very goal-oriented individual. I can now find clarity in whatever I do. I can pace myself and I can savor each and every moment. And I have learned this as my year at St. Andrews came and went so incredibly fast.

And so I ask… what are you words for 2014? What changes do you hope to see or even become?

  • I think your three words summed it up best; what an incredible year this will be! xx

  • I think your three words make up for good goals/resolutions for this new year. Happy New Year!

  • Thanks Colette! I think so too 🙂 Happy new year! x