five essentials : for a motivated workout schedule

A week into the new year and we all have probably been to the gym seven times, but finding ourselves running low on the motivation juice. Over the last year and half, as a frequent flyer of the gym, I have come up with a few of my own tips to keep myself {and hopefully you too!} motivated.
{short term goals & treating yourself}
We always hear of setting a long-term or final goals. You goal weight, in particular. I’m a firm believer of setting short term goals. Either two weeks or one month, but what do you want to see? Be reasonable with yourself and if you can step away from setting a goal weight. What about goals like running a certain distance after one month, being able to hold an intermediate yoga pose, or being able to fit into that black dress from two summers ago?
{curating your playlist}
I used to play the same song over and over again. Remember Forever by Chris Brown? It was on constant repeat and now I have bad memories of having shin splints or a sore back whenever it comes on the radio. Rotate your gym tunes to prevent yourself from getting sick of a once, motivational song.
{gym bag essentials}
If you can’t tell already, fashion and design is my passion, joy and hobby. I find indulging in gym beauty products gets me to the gym since I want to try everything out. And if you’re curious, here’s in my gym bag as of right now… and be sure to share your own below!
{change up your routine}
Visiting the gym every single day and seeing the same people and view can get a bit boring. Change up locations and environments. Is it raining? Try a long jog in the run with Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 experience blasting. Perhaps visit a different part of the gym? Sometimes a bit of yoga in your garden is the answer.
{exciting gym clothes}
Whenever I have a new dress hanging in the closet, I have a sudden urge to wear it anywhere even if the occasion doesn’t call for it. Same enthusiasm goes for gym clothes. Make visiting the gym exciting with new pair of trainers or running shorts or even a baseball cap. And just a few things I have been coveting to elevate my gym experience… 
{and a few of c&é’s most coveted gym pieces}

  • hazel hae bo

    Great motivational post for the new years =) Love it.


  • Sabbie Narwal

    Those are some fun and practical tips there! In addition to all of this sort of stuff (I figure everyone has their own motivations, right?), I found that after years of trying to get into a regular routine, what finally worked for me was doing it like Nike: “just do it”. It gets dangerous waiting for the right moment or moment of inspiration to exercise! …but a fun workout or song or new runners always helps 🙂

  • I hope it's motivating! I've been using these tips for over a year now! x

  • Using Nike's motto! So smart! I actually think I find myself doing that, just kind of forcing myself to head on over. The whole point is to get me out of bed first, after that there's no holding me back. I think it helps to also think about how awesome you will feel after 🙂 x