live to create : gold and lucite bookends

After sharing my personal resolutions in form of words for the new year, I sat at my desk contemplating to come up with some real resolutions. Resolutions other than words. I wanted to actually come up with something that made me do something I wasn’t sure I would be happy or comfortable with doing. I don’t have a problem with going to the gym or staying active, I can set aside sugar, I can spend time with family. There was just one thing I grapple with and that’s being present. Being able to release myself from my planner and do something for myself. Hope you’re not thinking I’m on the verge of being reckless. I decided I was going to spend evenings reading novels. As many of you know, I live to read. You never see me without the New York Times {especially on Sundays}. I do have the terrible habit of selecting books that are based on my specialization. I buy novels, but place them aside and reach for a bit of political philosophy or history or anthropology. And that’s when I decided to dust off the fiction section of my personal library… and these chic {do-it-yourself} lucite and gold bookends may just be the perfect accompaniment to the prose and poetry that adorn my nightstand.
{for the materials list and instructions follow the steps here}