recipe : herbed chicken salad with pomegranate

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Being a blogger we always strive to please as many people as possible for just a single outcome. The fame. Fame from many, many followers and readers. Comments and people enthusiastically following every single second of your life. To be fair, I’m a bit nervous about sharing so much of my life and exposing myself in an unprecedented manner. So I create this space to document and store my findings of inspiration. Though through the lifetime of c&é I’ve made friends from all parts of the world that share and cherish what I love most. Sometimes it makes my heart ache knowing that there are people out there I share so much in common with yet they are just too far away. Distance can be a bummer.
Since the very, very beginning of c&é I’ve always found the humblest people following. And in turn, I always seek and enjoy readers that can inspire back. And so this recipe is dedicated to Andrea because readers and friends are one in the same.
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  • Mmm I've been wanting a good chicken salad recipe…pinned this! Glad we “met” (haha)…thank you c&e 🙂

  • Michèle
  • kelly jaspers

    looks great! great blog

  • So very, very sweet! Let's hope we can actually meet in person to enjoy this recipe one day, Supal 🙂

    P.S. The pomegranates make an amazing addition!

  • This chicken salad looks amazing! Definitely making it in my Missouri kitchen. 😉

  • Aww glad we met too! It's such a simple recipe 🙂 x

  • Thank you! x

  • I agree! I'll bring extra pomegranates! x

  • Please do!! So very exciting!! x

  • Hannah

    What a lovely post to read, I completely agree with you!

    You have a wonderful blog, and I can't wait to see more, newest follower!



  • Alexandra Aimee

    This looks delicious, and very fresh for a chicken salad! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    — Alex at Brainy Girls Beauty

  • Sabbie Narwal

    Aw, you really are a sweetheart! And that recipe! I'm a die-hard vegetarian but I really love the idea adding of pomegranate! My mom's bestie recently had me try a southern-Indian dish of rice, yogurt and pomegranate. And I loved it! It's so refreshing, that pomegranate stuff 🙂

  • Thank you, Hannah! It's the sweetest of you and can't wait to see more of your outfits 🙂 x

  • definitely fresh! It's become a lunch favorite. x

  • I think I know what you had! South Indian dishes do the best combination of sweet and savory! x

  • Thank you! x

  • I've never been big on chicken salad – but this recipe sounds so refreshing.

  • Ah same! The creaminess would be too much for me. This was is incredible light! x