recipe : mussels in mint-coriander broth with thyme preserved lemons

IMG_8611 IMG_8600 IMG_8629There hasn’t been much cooking on my end recently. Not that I’m not inspired, but I think I’m just exhausted. I find cooking to be something of a joyful experience. I should be in the mood. Being home can be daunting on just all of that. Where we live is so commercialized, artificial and the like that I find myself in a rut. There is just so much other blogs and magazines and tabloids can nourish one’s inspiration to the point where I’ve found myself having to step away from places like Pinterest to engine my imagination.

…But then there are people who love to eat and appreciate the medley of flavors. That enthusiasm is what I like to cater to when I’m stuck in the dark hole of enlightenment. Cook for the pleasure of the process, the outcome, the smiles and the full bellies… that is a mantra I need to be reminded of often.

* * *

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