vogue : a walk along the embankment


{jacket} nordstrom | similar
{scarf} accessorize | similar
{blouse} h&m
{skirt} topshop | similar
{flats} anne klein
{purse} coach
{watch} burberry

Recently, I’ve been a fan of taking long, long walks along winding streets. Streets with ambiguous ends, where I find myself in a completely different part of town that I don’t know. It has been quite the experience to do just that in London. You find yourself in a cafe, so quaint and perfect. Relax with a macaron or two and a flat white before heading back to where you came from. It’s my ideal way of spending a weekend and if you must know, I think it’s the perfect date.

{PS} this was slightly an impromptu shoot, hence the casualness of the photos.

* * *
{and a few of c&é’s favorite city perusing chic flats}

  • Love walking around & exploring cities! Somehow I never do it in DC but there's not as many cute places to stumble upon. But its my husband's & my favorite thing to do when we go on vacation, so maybe we'll just have to put London on our list next 🙂

  • Walking around and exploring is always so much fun!! I love this outfit on you btw, you look so girly and chic!


  • Sabbie Narwal

    What a lovely place to roam! I guess I just added to my list of reasons to move to Britain one day! And that's a gorgeous outfit—impromptu shoot or not, you look wonderfully well put-together. Oh, and I just got inspired to paint my nails my favourite shade of red!

  • PLEASE DO! I would love to share my favorite places and spaces in London and I honestly think you would love it.

  • Thank you so much, Marie! I always seem to get a bit “girlier” when I'm in the UK…

  • I think you would absolutely love Britain. Saw that you pinned a few from Scotland too! Thank you Sabbie and do share you favorite red nail polish! I'm always on the hunt for different shades 🙂

  • Designwali

    You look great, happy 2014.

  • Sabbie Narwal

    Oh, I absolutely adore Revlon colours! So rich, classic and elegant. And I usually like the quality too! Anyways, I've been on the search for the perfect red for years, something that would work with my tan skin and I think it's Revlon's Raven Red!

  • As you know, I'm tan skinned too… so this may work well for me as well! Revlon just came out with a scented line! Must try!

  • Jodi

    Wow what a wonderful place to explore. You look amazing


  • Thank you so much, sweet Jodi! x