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Since living in Scotland for a year, there has not been a day without me thinking about all the fun I had with friends through a gastronomic experience. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know what Scotland has to offer, which is an overwhelming amount of great food and drinks, but one experience that stayed with me was a whiskey tasting experience. Even a pleasure for those who do not have the palate for Scotch. Before I explain how to host a whiskey tasting, it may be interesting and important to peruse this guide before the tasting for an even better experience.
{what you will need}
an assortment of whiskies from the five regions of Scotland, tulip shaped glasses just like these, room temperature spring water, unsalted crackers to cleanse your palate 
{step one}
Arrange four or five glasses depending on the amount of whiskies you will be tasting for each participant. Add about 1.5 ounces of each whiskey to a glass.
{step two}
Once the whiskey is pour hold it up to the light. Whiskey should be “brilliant to they eye” and any manipulation in the crisp color means poor craftsmanship.
{step three}
Arrange the whiskey by color from light to deep amber. This helps you understand flavor intensity. Whiskies that are light have a milder flavor and a sweeter aroma, whereas whiskies with a deeper color are more full-bodied and often aged.
{step four}
Before smelling the whiskey, or before you nose the whiskey, add just a bit of the room temperature spring water. The temperature is important as it doesn’t hinder the aroma. The water is used to release the oils of the ingredients by neutralizing the alcohol.
{step five}
Before taking in the aromas, gently swirl the whiskey in the glass to release the aromas. Then just breathe like you normally would. Look for hints of citrus, leather, vanilla, smoke, cinnamon or fruit.
{step six}
Then taste the whiskey. Try to pick up the flavors of what you smell, but remember everyone will pick up different notes. It’s part of the fun to do this experience with two or more.
{step seven}
Repeat the process with the other whiskies and be sure to cleanse your palate after each with an unsalted cracker.
{the best guides on the interwebs}
{c&é’s favorite scotch whiskies}
{and a few whiskey cocktails to help finish the bottle}
blueberry cinnamon for the winter
Aspen smash after skiing
Chamomile honey for when feeling ill
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all photos by chevrons & éclairs
  • The Lady Jersey

    Great Post !

    Kisses my sweetie <3

  • Mandi Kane

    I rarely drink scotch, but I buy it for gifts. I actually bought some Auchentoshan Three Wood last year. But now I'm thinking I should buy a bottle of myself.

  • How exciting! That one is actually my favorite. It's labeled the “breakfast whiskey” as it's sweet and delicate.