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{beauty juice}
{beauty juice}
{beauty juice}

{beauty juice}

Since moving back from St. Andrews, life has obviously changed dramatically in terms of day-to-day activities. Classes were no more, assignment deadlines didn’t exist and I seemed to have other priorities. It was nice to get my weekends back as well. Weekends felt earned rather than an opportunity to spend time in the library over books.

Though through the change came something unexpected. As climates are disparate and my daily diet changed, my body ended up take a great hit. The drastic changes were too intense for my already dwindling body. Near the end of term at St. Andrews I had undergone a minor surgery that left me alone to recover. And of course with a deadline of a dissertation, I seemed to have neglected my health a bit. Few weeks after returning from St. Andrews, I started to experience fatigue, discoloration, blemishes and breakouts. Unfortunately, this resulted in a mandatory visit to the doctor then a specialist and soon diagnosis after diagnosis I was told to take an antibiotic with a set of multivitamins. And of course to look after my diet. And so hefty breakfasts, protein enriched lunches and complete dinners were consumed… though afternoon teas were substituted with this beauty juice. Through trial-and-error, the juice has been perfected, and here it is to share with you.

Finally, you may be asking what ever happened to my skin and body since then? After careful yet mild treatment, a healthy diet, some exercise and rest, I am closer to normal with rejuvenated skin and hair. I swear by the beauty juice. Beets are incredible for mineral intake to circulate blood to all parts of your body, blood oranges provide vitamin C to keep skin firm, spinach includes vitamin E acts as an anti-aging mechanism, carrots and dried apricots have beta-carotene to eliminate toxins from the body, mint decreases your inner body temperature {great for change in climates}, walnuts include omega-3 to prevent inflammation, skin breakouts, and keeping your hair luscious. The ideal blend for healthy, beautiful living.

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  • Oh wow, we must be on a similar page…my post today is sort of along these lines (but more about how I can't stop eating unhealthy food, haaa) but I am curious about the beet in this smoothie! I used to eat them a lot as a child …thanks mom and dad.. but stopped after I left home. Maybe it's time to bring back the beet, smoothie style? It even looks pretty!

  • Ooo I love all the ingredients!
    I actually have a juicer, so would just add it all straight in there.

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  • Yum, this sounds so good! Really need to start eating cleaner, I've been on a bit of a junk food rampage lately. :/

    x Michelle |

  • this looks absolutely fantastic! so glad to hear your body is returning to normal. and i love that you put the recipe on a little recipe card, too cute.

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  • great idea 🙂 x

  • I know what you mean! But sweets and fried anything is just so good! x

  • Aw thank you so much, Molly! x

  • It is amazing how we can heal ourselves with a good, balanced and healthy diet – no wonder they say that beauty starts from within! I keep on telling myself to start juicing, seeing that this is such an easy way to eat all the fruits and vegetables in one go, but I'm always lacking inspiration on the recipe front. But then you come with a recipe like this, so it would be rude not to try it out! Thanks!

  • It's a great boost of energy too! I'm so used to having tea or coffee in the afternoon, but the juice has been a perfect replacement.

  • I've never tried adding beets to my juice but it seems like a good move. I usually just go with the easy to make green smoothie (kale, lots of berries, and bananas). Glad to hear that the juice is helping you get your health on! 🙂

  • Ah berries and bananas is how I hide my kale too! The beat and mint mixture is a nice change and looks very pretty ahha