vogue : taking a risk

{taking a risk}
{taking a risk}
{taking a risk}
{taking a risk}
{taking a risk}
{taking a risk}
{taking a risk}
{taking a risk}
{taking a risk}
{taking a risk}
{taking a risk}
{taking a risk}
{taking a risk}
{taking a risk}
{taking a risk}

{taking a risk}

{sweater} h&m
{leggings} ann taylor
{flats} calvin klein
{purse} coach
{necklace} baublebar
{nails} violet baroque by yves saint laurent
{make-up} estée lauder
It seems to me that I put together an outfit that has been inspired by my collection of inspiration. It includes some jewels, a vibrant color on the nails, a few textures. And as I proceed to get ready I start to dismantle the outfit. Piece by piece. I become intimidated all of a sudden. This has never happened to me before, but whenever I visit my parents in suburbia, it is always the case. Place me in St. Andrews and you would see me frolicking among the gardens in bright green dresses.

Today’s outfit underwent the tragic overhaul. What was an outfit paired with high heels and prints became something completely different than what I originally imagined. Though I’m starting to force myself to take a risk, and so you see my neck beautifully adorned with a mademoiselle necklace. And so I ask you, especially the fashion bloggers, is it natural to be intimidated? I’m always nervous about people staring.

* * *

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  • I always do this too! Especially this same day when we were at OE. My risk taking has definitely come from living in St Andrews, but also expanding my knowledge of fashion through blogs. Tulle skirts, patterned trousers, statement jewels… Never things I would have worn two years ago. I've gotten over the intimidation aspect; if people don't like [or appreciate] what I'm wearing, then they're too close-minded, I think.

  • You're good with photos too! I need to adopt your mantra. I'm never like this anywhere else except for Florida though!

  • Sarah

    Your hair is reflecting! How do you keep it so silky? Do you have any tips?

  • MMB

    I sometimes wonder how bloggers overcome these fears. Love your style it's practical!

  • Michèle
  • Joy | Frock Files

    Yes, I'm the same way! We live in the country, so I've tended to “tone it down” when I go out to run errands, etc. But now that I'm working in a city again, I've realized that I've gotten too comfortable with my toned down look. Conundrum! And by the way, I love everything about this post, from the color (my favorite aubergine) to your nails to your shoes to you. xo

  • Honestly, genes for the most of it. I do add almond oil and egg white to my hair 30 minutes before washing it at least once a week. Been doing that for ages and I'm sure that helps xx

  • Thank you! I try to be practical and use items of clothing in various ways and styles.

  • Ha! Story of my life. Though the opposite. At St. Andrews I overdressed and came home to suburbia and felt overwhelmed with the stares. So glad you liked the color! It's becoming a repeated color in the closet 🙂 You are always the sweetest, Joy! x

  • thank you, michele! x

  • Hannah

    Wow stunning photographs! You look absolutely gorgeous, and I love your shoes!



  • beautiful photos!! the location is very pretty & I like those black chairs 🙂

  • Haleigh @ Making Magique

    so pretty honey!

  • aw, thank you Hannah! xx

  • The location definitely does all the talking! x

  • Thanks Haleigh! x

  • Gorgeous photos. Love the look of the necklace. x

  • Thank you, love! xx

  • I am so incredibly humbled by your lovely note, Ms. Sunny. Thank you for the sweet compliments. My grandmother is very similar in that she has weak knees, which seem to be a consistent problem during the winter months, but it's all about spending precious time with your grand-daughter, isn't it? I love that this blog can be a place that both generations and come together. I hope to continue to create a space that shares gracious moments. Please extend my warmest wishes to your grand-daughter and I hope to hear from you again! xx