recipe : herbed salmon cakes with garlic-citrus asparagus

{herbed salmon cakes with roasted garlic-citrus asparagus}
{herbed salmon cakes with roasted garlic-citrus asparagus}
{herbed salmon cakes with roasted garlic-citrus asparagus}
Earlier today, after lunch, I had one of those moments where I had an uncontrollable cough after consuming a bit of water. My eyes welled up, I was gasping for air and my face turned plum red. My mother stopped what she was doing and after I had finally retained a bit of composure and control over myself she told me that someone was thinking about me. Supposedly, probably an Indian wise tale, when you choke on water someone is thinking about you. Which got me wondering of all the time I spend, especially as of recently as my days are filled with more leisurely activities than the past year, if I were the only one who consistently thinks about my friends from undergrad and postgrad or family or old neighbors.It’s silly sometimes because I actually tend to replay moments in my head over and over again to the point that they are so vivid, almost touchable. Is this something only I do or do you do it too? I guess that is part of the process of missing someone.

One moment I think about often is when I went out for celebratory scones with a few of my friends after submitting our dissertations. It was slightly chilly, grey skies, but warm enough for bare legs. Conversations at the table was lively despite the lack of sleep. One of my friends ordered a sandwich and I shared a piece of my chocolate chip scone because I couldn’t withstand the fact that he was missing a Balgove scone. The walk back was intimate yet mixed with sadness {since our time together was nearing an end} and happy {as we had overcome a great feat}. Photos were taken, laughs filled the air and made the grey day brighten up with smiles. And as we came close to our abode that soon will be a place of the past, we came across a beautiful garden and the skies parted.

And this day will always be replayed over and over in my mind and remind me of those dear friends.

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  • T.

    Looks delicious!

  • Michèle

    looks absolutely delicious and makes me so hungry

  • Karen Maria

    I've replayed great moments several times in my head. And they really do seem more vivid. I think that memory in itself is something to be thankful for. Not only do we have the future to look forward to, we also have the past to inspire and make us smile often.

  • and it satisfies hunger well too 🙂 xx

  • That is true, wise words Karen! x

  • Not sure. Crab meat might not be dense enough. You may have to add or coat in breadcrumb. And quite possibly add another egg so it sticks together?

  • Karen Maria

    I think i'll stick with the salmon then, lol.
    Thanks, Supal!