recipe : sticky date pudding

I know this is more of a winter cake recipe than anything else, and you must be utterly impressed that I have shared two dessert recipes {former being the valentine trifle with rose muddle strawberries} in such a short timeframe. The truth is, I have been working on recipes for coming days, weeks and months and found that my palette has been craving something sweet often. I reduced my intake of chocolates quite significantly, I know it’s blasphemous, and it has left me wanting to indulge more. This is fine, as I get to try my hand at different desserts and other sweet delicacies. And as I sit here missing my days of St. Andrews and the travels that accompanied it, I thought I would indulge in memories and sweet dishes to commemorate those precious days. A personal British favorite, the sticky date pudding served with vanilla bean ice cream and powdered sugar topped strawberries.
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