five essentials : skin tips for transitioning climates

As mentioned before, I never had any skin complications until recently. It seems like I went through the golden years of high school untouched. I was fortunate until recently when sudden climate changes tended to cause havoc. And after a few appointments with the dermatologist, a diagnosis of rosacea, and a mild treatment, I finally asked what her finest beauty skin tips were for transitioning weather and I thought this would be quite fruitful as we fall in spring and soon to summer from winter.
Often we associate sunscreen to warmer weathers, but wind and chill often has the same damaging impact on your skin as the sun does. Mix in a little with your foundation or apply to directly to your skin. La Roche-Posay is my favorite and is strongly advised for people who have rosacea prone skin.
{keep skincare routine simple}
Avoid make-up wipes and foamy soap products, as they tend to irritate skin further. Stick to non-scented face cleanser, water-based toners and light moisturizers.  I have been advised to use Cerave Hydrating CleanserFresh Rose Floral Toner or Witch Hazel’s Rose Petal Toner, and BareMinerals Purely Nourishing Moisturizer.
I know drinking water can be too repetitive. I like to change up my liquids a bit. Sometimes I have water with a bit of summer fruit squash or a light-herbal tea. Recently, I’ve been adding either cucumber and lime slices or a bit of rosewater to my water. It adds a gentle, refreshing flavor. Cucumber and lime help to decrease your body temperature since it increases as temperatures rise causing oily skin and rosewater is a natural anti-bacterial element.
Diet is always a significant factor when it comes to skincare. Luckily, I prefer avocados, salmon and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. But my dermatologist said eating berries would not only assist to clear your complexion and tone your skin, but also give you a natural glow whilst brightening up darker spots. But one tip that I especially enjoyed from my dermatologist was to eat the seasons. Eat what is available to you based on the season and your temperatures. It’s why I’ve been eating so many Florida oranges and strawberries as of lately!
{light exfoliation}
I swear by the Olay microdermabrasion kit (and have had friends who enjoy Philosophy Microdelivery Peel). It is light enough to use on my very sensitive skin once a week and clears my skin of dead particles and exterior toxins whilst keeping it hydrated. It’s important to exfoliate especially during the transitioning season as your skin becomes dehydrated and thus overcompensates with oil. This helps level out blemishes and prevent breakouts.

“The finest clothing made is a person’s own skin…” -Mark Twain 

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  • Great tips Supal!
    I wish I could say that my high school days were my golden
    skin days, but it was far from that. Towards the end of 10th grade I
    broke out horribly. I was able to clear it up for a whole year and towards the
    end of my 11th grade year .. but then it came back full force. I was able to
    bring my skin back to normal by becoming an Esthetician and learning about the skin, and making several visits to a natural skincare medical spa that focused on skin with acne. Years
    later I now make my own cleanser and a homemade mask that works wonders! Glad that’s
    From the heart,
    Karen Maria

  • Definitely be bookmarking this… it's so easy to forget all of the things that make your skin its best. I need to stock up on the sunscreen– that's where I always go wrong! Also adding my Clarisonic to the mix a couple of times a week does wonders 🙂

  • oh how incredible that it inspired you to further your career! I noticed that all natural and wholesome products are the best way to go. 🙂 x

  • I need to test out Clarisonic now that my skin has gotten better! I've heard people swear by it 🙂 x

  • Gina Michele

    Great tips! I always make sure to drink plenty of water and I never go anywhere without sunscreen. It really makes a difference!

    Gina Michele

    Gina Michele

  • Suda

    As someone who suffers from really irritable skin, this is really helpful. I will definitely check out that La Roche Posay sunscreen since I already love their other products.


  • I agree, Gina! x

  • Oh thank you, Suda! I'm glad the post has helped… please do share any products or tricks you use 🙂 x