birthday countdown 2014 | five essentials : blending your own tea { 4 days }

I always like to incorporate a “wow” factor in each party I host. Like having a martini bar where your guests mix their own martinis and learn a few things along the way. Similar to that idea, I thought the perfect way to incorporate your guests in the English tea party experience is giving them the power to blend their own teas. And so a few tips and tricks for you to execute such an idea…
{materials to have on hand}
teacups and saucers
base teas
flavored blends
{base teas}
Green Tea
White Peony
{flavored blends}
minced ginger
organic rose petals
jasmine blossoms
any fruit tea, like apple
fresh herbs like rosemary, mint and sage
{tea condiments}
lemon slices
{tea tips}
Have your guests choose a single base tea and add a teaspoon and a half into their empty tea pouch. Add one or two complimenting flavors from the flavored blends. They also have the option of adding a condiment, but it is not necessary. Then steep lightly between three to eight minutes depending on your flavor and intensity preference.

{a few favorite blends}
rooibos + vanilla + sugar
white peony + rosemary + honey
darjeeling + rose
green tea + jasmine blossoms
ceylon + minced ginger + milk
  • Haley Valerie

    Love this post!


  • Precious! My grandmother had a teacup collection I'd play with as a child… and I'm obsessed. Such a cute theme.

  • Yang at Fortune Goodies

    This is absolute genius! Since I don't touch coffee, I'm all about the tea. This is such a classy and fun way to host a tea party. I love it! Wish I'd been there.

  • Rhea

    Such a beautiful post! Very glad I browsed upon your blog. 🙂

  • Aw thank you Rhea! Means so much 🙂 x

  • Thank you! It's perfect for even people who don't enjoy tea too as it's very interactive 🙂

  • My mom acquired my grandmothers, which got me thinking! Thank you so much, Teckie! Hope you're well 🙂 x