birthday countdown 2014 | give-away : luxurious tea set & macarons {closed}

And as the month of May commences I am overwhelmed with excitement as my birthday nears. Each year I spend the days leading up to my birthday not only celebrating, but designing a complete themed birthday party from an original menu to decorating tips to outfit posts. Last year I designed and executed a “midnight in Spain” party and this year I’m thinking an English tea party may be an appropriate and exciting choice. I will start the 16 day countdown to 17 May with a bit of inspiration, a menu featuring petit fours and an original cocktail, an outfit post for the party, some printable invites and party favor how-to, but of course there is no party without a birthday cake {and an accompanying recipe}.

And to start the countdown until my birthday I wanted to start the celebration with a glass of champagne and a lovely give-away…

images via Design*Sponge and chevrons & eclairs on instagram

And so I’ve put together an English tea party give-away for three of you to have the chance to experience a true British tea experience with fine bone china and an assortment of exquisite teas…

{to enter} tell me in the comments about your fondest tea experience or your macaron flavor of choice for a chance to win the William Edwards teacup & strainer setKnightsbridge teabag selection box, and an assortment of Ladurée Macaron

For additional entries follow me on instagram and/or twitter and leave separate comments for each under this post indicating that you are following me with your handle name.


Contest open worldwide. Entries will be accepted until May 17, 2014 5:00PM EST. Be sure to include a valid email address or social media account so you can be notified upon winning. 

  • Rachel Medlock

    Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for hosting such a lovely giveaway. My best tea experience was last summer at Dean Street Teahouse. Loved their patio and traditional atmosphere. Also, my favorite macaron flavor is (unexpectedly) just vanilla. Don't mess with perfection, right?



    Anything Goes

  • Jordana @WhiteCabana

    What a beautiful collection of photos (and a super giveaway, too!). Tea at the Empress Hotel in Victoria, British Columbia was absolutely perfect. The details, the food, and the tea were very good. Who can ever resist those little sandwiches?! They're small but mighty!

  • I think my favorite was as a child going to the Savoy with my mom & grandmother. I just remember feeling VERY fancy & now more than ever cannot wait to do the same with my daughter! (Probably can't make it to the Savoy though – darn!)

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  • Beautiful!!!

  • Oh that does sound so lovely, but I will be honest I adored your description of your love for vanilla macaron! Thank you for entering and good luck, Rachel! x

  • Looked up Empress Hotel and it looks like the perfect place to indulge! And I agree, the savories platter with the petit sandwiches is actually my favorite part (smoked salmon and cream cheese in particular). Thank you for the follow and good luck with the giveaway, Jordana! x

  • Oh my goodness, Kellie, that sounds so lovely and I really hope you're able to have a high tea at The Savoy with your daughter. It really makes for beautiful memories! And I forgot to tell you that I love the most recent update on the blog, looks so interactive and clean 🙂 Good luck with the giveaway! x

  • Libbi

    I finally went into the Laduree in New York a few weeks ago for the first time. My favorite was the red fruit or the raspberry. All of the ones I tried were delicious though!

  • Nico

    Nice giveaway, the shots on you blog are really inspiring!

    New look-> YELLOW sweater, FLORAL pants and a STATEMENT necklace.

  • Best tea experience? The vague but great memory I have of going to Fortnum & Mason with my parents and my grandfather's old friend when I was nine. All I know is that everything was fancy, I was in heaven, and I want to go back! And macarons? I love a good pistachio, but unsurprisingly am not too picky with my sweets 🙂

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  • Follow you on Insta! Glad you're doing this giveaway…it's a great one!

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  • This giveaway is so “Supal!” I would love to get my mitts on a box of Ladurees, and the tea sets are lovely. It's so simple, by vanilla macarons are my favorite! Nothing beats a perfect vanilla macaron 🙂

  • Love this giveaway so much! My all time favorite macaron is a rose flavored one. So delicious, feels like such a luxury.

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  • Shailee Patel

    Supal so happy to see you doing such great things!!! I feel like I get a breath of fresh air whenever I go through your whimsical blog 🙂 I must admit I have only recently been introduced to Laduree via the pop up store in Miami. And it was such a delightful experience…the colorful store was filled with pyramids of the prettiest macarons. I'm obsessed with their salted caramel flavor–it's perfection both in the balance of sweet and salty but also in the phenomenal soft and fluffy texture. Hope to stay in touch!

  • What a fantastic giveaway! I have only had a “sophisticated” tea once, but my favorite way to drink tea is with a homemade piece of cinnamon raisin bread slathered with butter. While it's snowing outside. Is that too much to ask? (And I've actually never had a macaron. Whoops.)

  • Laura M.

    I had high tea at Laduree in Harrods with my late grandmother last year and it was such a lovely day full of precious stories with my grandmother and our favorite was the orange blossom!

  • Laura M.

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  • Tori Ramos

    I never had high tea but had my first macaron last month! It was a lemon one and I love citrus : )

  • Tori Ramos

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  • that is such a wonderful giveaway! thank you for sharing this with us 🙂
    my favourite tea time was definitively the afternoon tea I had at the old course hotel in St Andrews, such a cool day out with the girlfriends!
    also, I have to agree with your favourite Laduree macaron, when I tasted the rose macaron while in Paris I was completely in awe! I don't think I've ever tasted something so delicious and heaven like! xx
    p.s. I'm following you on Twitter 😉

  • Goodness, your blog is lovely. Just discovered it today. Perfect timing too! I had tea with my sweet husband in London a few years ago. We had just spent a week in Paris and we were pleasantly surprised that our London tea surpassed even my high expectations.

  • Natasha Noriel

    My first and only tea experience was when I met my inlaws! Such a terrifying experience but we had a flowering tea that was divine and calming!

  • Natasha Noriel

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  • I think the wonderful thing about your brand is that your
    voice and the posts you select are consistent all throughout. I can see these
    pictures anywhere and think, ‘’that’s a Chevrons and Éclairs style photo’’. Awesome
    job girl.

    From the heart,

    Karen Maria

  • Thanks Karen!

  • haha, that does indeed sound incredibly terrifying, but I would have stuffed my face with petite pastries ha! x

  • You are so sweet, Monet! I'm glad you stopped by at the right time. Your tea experience sounds so lovely! Good luck to you and hope to see you here again soon 🙂 x

  • I think all my St. Andrews tea parties were my favorite. It's such an enchanting place and the old course hotel is such a treat! Good luck on the giveaway and how were we not friends at St. Andrews?! xx

  • Citrusy macaron are the ultimate satisfaction and what a beautiful way to ring in spring! x

  • Oh one of my favorite places to visit in London! And what a special moment that probably was with your grandmother <3 x

  • NO macaron?! Well hopefully the giveaway can change that for you. I'm pretty sure you will enjoy them. And extra butter on mine please! x

  • You are the sweetest, Shailee! Thank you so much for the love and support and I'm glad c&é can be a whimsical escape for you. Salted Caramel anything is a killer mix. You must try the Talenti gelato (from Target) in Salted Caramel! x

  • Great minds think alike!! x

  • aww this made my heart melt, Lizzie! That was SUCH a fun and indulgent and slightly hilarious afternoon <3

  • Sabbie Narwal

    Aha, my dearest tea experience was trying to have a fancy little tea with my bestie, only to spill tea around and end up eating somewhat questionable mug cakes 🙂 Oh well, it was loads of fun anyways!

  • Nicola

    Best tea experience: afternoon tea with the girls at a cute little place in Durham called Tealicious for a best friend's 21st. Worst tea experience: when you dunk a biscuit in tea for too long without realising and half of it drops off into your tea. Not ideal. Especially in company. Mega awks. Unfortunately, although I have sampled macaron, I wouldn't say I've had enough yet to decide on a favourite flavour. I'm hoping that will change in the near future, though…

  • Madeline

    Wow, those macarons look delicious! My favorite flavor is dark chocolate.

    madelinebrubaker {at} gmail [dot] com

  • Madeline

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  • lexi

    This is such a sweet giveaway! I had tea at Brown's Hotel in London with my hubby on our honeymoon and it was just perfect. I think he ate every single cake they could bring him.
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

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  • It is really enchanting as you said!
    I know! and in the place where everyone knew everyone on top of that! but blogs are another good way to bond 🙂 x

  • Ana

    Though I drink tea everyday, I am afraid I've only had one authentic tea experience thus far: my one trip to London was with an elderly woman I was not well-acquainted with, but my parents insisted I had a chaperone. After a weeklong traipse through the City, we took a train to the country to visit her elderly friends, & it was a hoot. It was the most genuine English experience I had while there, capped off with a spot of tea.

    As an aside, the happiest of birthdays to you! Of course, we are counting on you sharing photos of the experience. (:

  • meredith

    I remember an awesome tea party that my mom and I had when I was a kid – it made me feel very grown up – and my fav macaron flavor is passion fruit

  • meredith

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  • But it's always about the company isn't it? And stuffing your face with anything that contains sugar haha <3 Good luck, Sabbie! x

  • hahaha! <3 I've had oreos do that in milk, but that's something I don't mind. Can't wait to visit Tealicious! x

  • oooh, dark chocolate sounds lovely right about now. Thanks for the follows, good luck to you! xx

  • Aw, the honeymoon sounds lovely! I'm sure I could be quite the challenger against your husband. I was born to eat cake 🙂 x

  • Always the unexpected company are the best! I always travel/backpack on my own because you experience so much more. 🙂 x

  • Oh passion fruit sounds so lovely for spring! Good luck to you, Meredith! x

  • Ray Ray Cartucci

    I used to enjoy lavender tea in a little coffee shop called the map room.I had the best times there and the tea was flavorful and so nice.

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  • Jen Karaman

    Hello darling! I've been waiting for this giveaway for quite some time now… In preparation, I've researched my absolute favorite combination of delights. For tea, my heart pines for the classic Twining's breakfast tea that is native and exclusive to New Zealand. A strong & nutty blend, it was perfect to sip while waking up to a backdrop of rugged mountains!

    For macarons, there is a lovely combination sold at the local Patisserie 46 in Minneapolis. Several of my favorites include strawberry rhubarb mint, lavender lemon and chocolate with earl grey infused ganache!

  • So welcome. By the way.. I've never had macarons but my favorite flavor would have to be chocolate 🙂

  • My best tea experience is nothing extraordinary but just good times with old friends, we have these get-togethers where we like to remember our early years of friendship and talk about things that happened back then and they seemed to cave in on us, but now all of that turned into funny stories haha 🙂 X

  • oh, lavender tea is so lovely! Good luck with the giveaway! x

  • I do love twinnings {their everyday tea being my favorite} as it was all I drank whilst in Scotland 🙂 And the chocolate with earl grey infused ganache sounds impeccable! x

  • Aw, but it's always the moments that are consumed with warmth and love that make for the best tea parties 🙂 Good luck, Siham! x

  • naomip

    My favorite tea experience was in a English mini boutique. Tucked inside was a English tea shop! It was an amazing discovery, I had never experienced high tea before.

  • Victoria

    I am a devoted tea lover, so I am very excited about such a great giveaway! My favorite macarons are the rose flavored ones!

  • Victoria

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  • Oh well then I hope you win because you're in for a treat. And how incredible to find a quaint tea house randomly? Those are the best. xx

  • Rachael Bethan

    So, every time my mum comes to visit, we always grab tea at Laduree with a selection of macarons. I can't resist their lavender macaron! Oh, there's nothing more sumptuously French than all the floral flavors!!

  • Great minds think alike, Victoria! Good luck to you!! x

  • Rachael Bethan

    Just to let you know, I am following you via Twitter.

  • Rachael Bethan

    …and Instagram! Thank you!

  • Rachael, I can't agree with you more and that sounds so lovely! You must, absolutely must, try the orange-blossom flavor! Personal favorite 🙂 Best of luck to you! x

  • Rachael Bethan

    Absolutely! The Orange-blossom is delicious! I always feel so girly, which may just be the whole point of Laduree macarons….fantastic!

  • The best place to have tea — in my humble opinion is The Goring Hotel, with the Connaught coming in a close second. Their tea selection and their service are impeccable – I miss living in London!

  • Oh you KNOW this giveaway is RIGHT up my alley! My favourite memory is hard to choose. Whenever I travel I make sure to go for high tea and have had the pleasure of experiencing it in SO many wonderful places (Ireland, England, British Columbia…) It's one of my favourite travel traditions!

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  • karin

    my favorite macaron flavor is chocolate- I have always loved chocolate, so it's no wonder it's my favorite taste- it's like eating a chocolate but it has a two textures- it's amazing!

  • karin

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  • cvl20148

    It was May in California and I had dragged my brother to Hamilton Gardens just outside of LA to explore there beautiful gardens and have high tea. After 3 hours of exploring the gardens my brother-who is 6'5 and is always hungry- was ravenous. The small finger sandwiches traditionally associated were not going to cut it and believe me he let me know more than once. However, being a stunning brother he indulged me once again and we sat down in the Engligh rose garden for tea.Lucky for all parties involved : the tea was steller, rose, and the sandwiches were all you can eat. The ladies even packed some of the bacon mapel scones for my brother to go! Overall a relaxing and tasty experience, one that I will always remember! Macaron flavor: hibiscus:) Happy Birthday Supal!

  • Ah yes! I LOVE Connaught! London is prime and I always enjoy the Dorchester too 🙂

  • Haha! You and I are two peas in a pod! I'm pretty much in the same boat and try to experience high tea everywhere. Wish you had more time in St. Andrews when you visited, we could have gone to the Old Course Hotel for high tea!

  • Aw thank you for sharing such a lovely memory! I'm pretty sure your daughter would still enjoy them. Pamper time with mom is always the best 🙂 x

  • Girl after my own heart, love me some chocolate too 🙂 x

  • Ah so lovely! And I have never tried hibiscus macaron before, must be a lovely California thing! And your brother is a champ! x

  • ikkinlala

    My fondest tea experience is one that was repeated often. When I was in high school, I used to skip classes to go have tea with a friend who lived nearby. We'd talk about books or she'd tell me stories about when she was growing up, and I always learned so much more from her than I would have in class.

  • haha aww so funny that you use to skip school for it. Girl after my own heart as I used to not work on my dissertation and instead play tea time with friends at grad school ha! x

  • The Dorchester at Christmas is probably the incomparable to every other tea on offer! It is gorgeous in there – and there is usually a sweet boys choir singing!

  • Leigh Scott

    I love that your birthday month is my birthday month- excellent party planning advice and a lovely give away!

    My best tea memory is in Glasgow with my mom at the Willow Tea Rooms. I had moved to Scotland a while before her visit, and it was her first visit to my new home. We stopped for tea and the lovely Mackintosh architecture/interior design of the place and ended up chatting and looking out onto the busy high street for a couple of hours. It wasn't terribly fancy or exciting, just perfect.

    Because I can't help but declare my love for them, hazelnut macarons are my favorite.

  • Leigh Scott

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  • laura

    what a fab giveaway! my fondest tea memory was when i was living in peru- coca tea with fresh coca leaves (which seriously helped altitude sickness) was the best way to get warm on chilly mountain mornings!

  • laura

    i can't believe i wasn't following you on instagram already!!! following now! 🙂 @lpodlich

  • coca tea?! Taking you with me to Peru next time, sounds so lovely! Good luck on the giveaway, Laura! x

  • Such a lovely memory and how I do miss Scotland and its finest! I'm glad you're enjoying the birthday series! And don't be afraid of instagram!! x

  • I have so enjoyed your birthday series this year. It makes me so nostalgic for our time in Scotland. And you know how much love I have for that citron dress! 😉

    I have so many lovely memories of tea time, but I think my absolute favorite would be my last tea in St Andrews. One of my coursemates (the woman I so fondly refer to as my 'St Andrews mummy') treated me to tea at the Old Course Hotel as a final farewell. We visited the Hotel the afternoon before my departure and started the date with champagne. It was a time of reflection as I was about to say au revoir to my closest friends and second home.

    When it comes to macarons, I am a lover of both lavender and rose flavors. xx

  • Melina

    My mother and I went up to Victoria BC to Butchart Gardens and then to the Empress Hotel for high tea. I have never had a more wonderful mother-daughter weekend trip than that! I couldn't stop smiling the whole time.

  • Melina

    I am following you on instagram too now! Such lovley posts! @mountain_eater

  • Ah that sounds so lovely! Love spending time with my mom especially in very girly settings! x