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As mentioned before in previous beauty posts, I grew up with a mother who cared more for my hair than anything else. Hair, in the Indian culture, is a very special aspect of a woman’s beauty. Throughout the years as I moved from high school to college to work and graduate school, I took my mother’s tips with me. And today I thought I would share some of the summer hair tips for healthy hair as we are in the peak of May and onto the dog days of the warmer season.

{conditioning treatment}
Since your hair and scalp is exposed to drastic temperature changes as you go outside, sit in a car, inside your home, your scalp tends to dry out and get too oily all in one day. This can disturb the protein production, which consequently reduces shine. Once a week, I take half an avocado or 1 egg white + 1 tablespoon greek yogurt mixture and apply it to my hair 30 minutes before I wash my hair.

{protecting your tips}
Your tips are the first to get damaged. Twice a week apply olive oil to the tips of your hair 20 minutes before taking a shower. Don’t add water to your hair in the shower immediately. The steam will help the hair soak up the olive oil.

{overcoming sun-damage}
I usually go running or taking long walks outside over the summer, which makes me prone to sun damage especially in the Florida sun when I go home. Once a month I combine a bit of honey + 1 tablespoon olive oil and massage the mixture into my hair for 10 minutes before washing my hair. I condition my hair with a bit of Moroccan Argan oil after my shower.

{washing out chlorine}
Chlorine is the worst for your hair. I crush vitamin C crystals and combine with water and spray into my hair before a shower or right after your swim.

{shampoo & conditioner}
I like to use a lighter shampoo and conditioner in the summer because I tend to wash my hair more. I use Bumble & Bumble’s Creme de Coco Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s a gentle shampoo that adds shine, controlled moisture, and reduces fizz.

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  • Sarah Beth

    I recently tried Damage Protector from my birchbox, and I've been addicted to it. It surprisingly makes my hair straighter, but it is so much smoother!

  • oh BB does such a great job pairing products 🙂