recipe : thai papaya salad

{thai papaya salad} via chevrons & éclairs
{thai papaya salad} via chevrons & éclairs
Even more so than usual I have been pushing myself just a tad bit more to get a bit more accomplished. But when you’re on a roll and finally have things falling into place and that continued determination is hindered by something like a client not showing up to a meeting, or your work-life scheduling goes wrong, I tend to get agitated and then lose motivation and my disappointment translates into laziness. I’ve always been independent, but there are times where things are just not possible to do alone. You need an extra hand, and when someone backs out the last minute not recognizing that your whole day was centered around that meeting, it’s a bit difficult, isn’t it?So that’s why I’ve started to accept that these are life’s challenges and opportunities for teaching. An opportunity to think creatively and grow to devise a backup plan that would accommodate all that you needed to get done. It’s okay if life throws you curve balls because you tend to grown in return. There’s always something good that erupts from disappointment, isn’t there?

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