If you are one who follows me on Instagram, you will find that my weekday meals are usually fast and nutritious though never make it onto the blog. They are usually something not too fussy, yet can get the job done. I juggle a lot during the 24 hour week day so I like something that can hold me out for several hours without mitigating flavor and sacrificing nutrition. And since I received a few emails lately about work week lunches, I thought I would share a few I resort to…



{1-2-3 protein plate}

Choose one carbohydrate like the rye biscuit, two veggies like the green beans and cherry tomatoes, and three proteins like smoked salmon, prosciutto and soft-boiled egg.



{smoked salmon bruschetta}

On two slices of wheat baguette, spread a little margarine and toast. Add arugula/wild rockets, smoked salmon and a thick slice of parmesan-reggiano.



{the fig caprese}

Quarter a few figs, add a tablespoon of softened goat cheese, walnuts and top with balsamic vinaigrette.



{the rainbow}

A personal favorite. Thickly slice a bunch of seasonal vegetables, top with a protein of choice and some walnuts. Use fresh herbs for greens and dress with fresh lemon juice and zest.



{sweet & tart parfait}

Add a tablespoon of rose water to greek yoghurt and top off with berries and currants. 



{enriched ramen}

I’m not a fan of real ramen as it holds so many preservatives, but this one is a nice rendition. Boil a cup of vegetable stock with a teaspoon of soy sauce, sesame oil and chili oil. Add the noodles. Top off with an assortment of raw vegetables and fresh coriander and lime juice. 



{afternoon green juice}

Perfect if you’re trying to decrease caffeine intake. A mix of kale, spinach, parsley, wheatgrass and fresh mint. Plus an addition of an apple and a bit of ginger.


* * *
Would love to hear about your easy insta-meals!

  • sarah

    these are wonderful, S! I do love smoked salmon and have it almost daily. Your salad looks divine as does the bruschetta!!! xxx

  • Naomi L.

    the parfait sounds so beautiful and indulgent…

  • Your food is way too good looking 😉 It looks absolutely delicious! I’m particularly fond of that parfait! What a nice idea to add the rose water!xx

  • Awww I’m so hungry now!!! Can we transform all these amazing photos to real food please? 😀

  • I’m so about insta-meals too! a lot of toast with almond butter + fruit, avocado + soft-boiled egg, cheese + fig spread, etc.