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Intimate dinner parties are by far my favorite type of gathering to host and to attend. It gives you a reason to dress up a little and enjoy the company of close friend and/or family. Though what I love most is the intermingling and conversation with bursts of laughter and exchanges of smiles among the glistening, twinkling candlelight. I started hosting dinner parties with my parents at such a young age and then started hosting them my final year of college from couples to all girls nights. Though sometimes the trickiest part of a dinner party is the conversation flow, and so I’m sharing some of my tips with you today on how to maintain that flow seamlessly.


{parties & entertaining : maintaining conversation flow} via chevrons & éclairs{parties & entertaining : maintaining conversation flow} via chevrons & éclairs{parties & entertaining : maintaining conversation flow} via chevrons & éclairs


{table setting}

I know we love setting the table with immaculate pieces and extravagant floral pieces, but simplicity is perfection in the matter of conversation. Try to keep center pieces low so people are able to see each other and make eye contact whilst talking. Avoid too many layers of played as clinking and clanking can disrupt conversation.

{pass along}

I think one of my favorite tricks my mother taught me, that I have yet to see on the internet, is to set the food in the middle and let people serve themselves and help each other out. This is particularly a helpful tip when there are a few unfamiliar faces at the table. It forces people to interact sometimes blossoming a beautiful new friendship.


{parties & entertaining : maintaining conversation flow} via chevrons & éclairs


{seat assignment}

Try to host small, intimate gatherings of six or eight at the most with people are who are at least some what familiar with one another, or at least majority of the people are. Sit people based on interest or have couples sit across from one another, though it is probably best to let people sit wherever they would like. If you plan on having seat assignments and one person is not familiar with the group, have them sit close to you, but not excluded from the rest of the group.


Sometimes taking a deep breath, sipping on some wine and relaxing helps. Don’t push the conversation one way or another, just let it flourish organically. If there are pauses that are too awkward for you, then asking to replenish a drink or offering more of something is a good idea. But you shouldn’t have a problem when you’re among great company.


{parties & entertaining : maintaining conversation flow} via chevrons & éclairs

So, when is your next dinner party?

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  • Androbel

    Looooveee love the color patterns you have going on! pastels are so cute for a dinner table

    Xo, Belen

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  • Lovely post, I haven’t read anything similar! But no dinner plans for me any time soon 🙂

    Congratulations for the post on Scotch Naturals, your photos are beautiful!

    • Diana, you are literally the sweetest person ever! Thank you so much for the Scotch Naturals love. And… why don’t you come over to mine for dinner? ha <3 x

      • Thank you so much Supal! 🙂
        I wish I could!

  • haley

    Such a pretty post! I think I’ll have my next dinner party when is cools down in September 🙂

    Colour Me Classic

    • Thank you, Haley! And yes, that’s a plan here too… already too excited for the Autumn dinner parties to commence! x

  • lexi

    These images are beautiful! And we always ate food from the center of the table. 🙂
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.