mixed metals


I’ve always been vehement about matching everything from clothes to interiors even office folders and school supplies. Like most people, I hold onto outdated rules of matching all your metals, but as finishings like brass and light rings in rose gold come into play it’s about making sure things compliment each other like your jewels and your furniture, it shouldn’t match. So just a couple of tips to mixing metals for your wardrobe and at home…

{tip one}

pick a dominant metal and offset it, or make it stand out, by contrasting it with accent pieces in other metals. If your nightstand has brass handles, compliment it with bronze accessories.

{tip two}

add a touch of texture like matte, brushed, polished or hammered. This will add depth to your designs and make each element pop. You want everything to stand out not just a single thing.
And so below, some inspiration for mixing metals…


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{images via The Coveteur, Dallas ShawWendy’s Lookbook, Traditional Home, Boxwood Lane

  • N Padron

    Your tips are great! I recently moved in with my boyfriend and trying to incorporate other metals against all my gold and it’s difficult. Definitely going to try and incorporate these tips. Thanks Supal!

    • oh good luck with the re-decorating! I’m sure it will turn out just great… I wish boyfriends loved gilded accents haha

  • Sarah

    such beautiful inspiration, S!!! loving the mixed metal look and your tips are wonderful!! xxx

  • I love mixed metals I think they look so lovely and chic! Loved the post some great tips in here!

    Harkirat xx http://thebronzeddiaries.blogspot.ca

  • Brigita Dambe

    Totally love your tips! Thanks for sharing! And those photos are stunning, great inspo. 🙂