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I didn’t understand the power of instagram up until my move to St. Andrews. I was able to tell my parents about the beautiful little corners the sweet town had to offer by phone, but it was not until I started posting my musings and findings on instagram that my parents appreciated it more and more. So many of my friends and family reached out to me telling me they appreciated me sharing a photo daily. It felt like they were with me when they were really over thousands of miles away. Along the way, I came across a series of photo editing apps that I’ve grown to love and have transformed my photos from ordinary mobile pictures to proper photographs…

Bought out by Google, Snapseed is one of the most efficient editing mobile softwares I have worked with. Snapseed allows you to adjust the basics of shadow, brighten a photo, put a hint of contrast and saturation without manipulating the image too much.

I think vscocam is one that is on every bloggers phone. The filters are incredibly beautiful with it’s saturated and faded hues, it gives your images a bit of a vintage flair. My vscocam use sky rocketed when I was at St. Andrews because the filters encapsulated the ambiance of the campus perfectly.

I will admit that my hand shakes a bit when I’m capturing photos on my iPhone. I always end up taking a few shots, but rarely do they come out clear. I use the Afterlight clarify button and the brightening button as they are the most powerful tools I have used to do such things.

Are you one to often take a selfie? I enjoy taking weekend outfit photos on my phone to share with readers and followers in real time. Even though I’m Indian, I too struggle with pale skin with flairs of rosacea. That’s when I use moreBeaut2 to even my skin tone and give myself a slight tan!

With all my travels, sometimes capturing a little square photo is not enough. Sometimes you need a little more space to fit in Westminster Abbey and Big Ben in one photo. Instasize lets you share a portrait or landscape photo so you don’t have to mitigate your photo’s coverage.

I’m always testing different photo editing and filter applications.
Do you have any favorites?

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