on giving art


A friend, a son of an art enthusiast, gifted me a beautiful painting recently to lay against my mantle. It has near perfect strokes of blush and pinks that reflects my personality and according to him “my smile”. Obviously, with him being a male, I was amazed as to how he was able to choose such a beautiful piece. And so I sat with him and his parents one evening for dinner and we talked about gifting art, it’s quite a unique process, you know?


{process of elimination}

Visit galleries and shops that curates a selection based on your recipient’s style or interest. This will make your search a bit easier as you don’t have to search for a modern painting in a collection of mid-century ones. Sometimes calling around before hand helps. Galleries also tend to have the better selection and representation of artists.

{know the recipient}

Obviously, my friend knows me well and he was able to use my blog as a guide as to what I love and enjoyed. You should look for color scheme, texture (harsh versus soft) and stroke (lines versus circles, thick vs thin).

{setting and interiors}

It helped that my friend came over one day for lunch and he was able to scope out a few places as to where I could place a painting. He took a few pictures on his phone and saw that my main theme was whites, creams, greys and of course gilded touches. Blush goes with all those and ensures the perfect pop.


As much as I loved the painting, I loved that he visited with the gift and after I unwrapped it and admired it for much too long he had the painting ready to hang and during the process he told me what the painting represented and also informed me of my framing options.


* * *

{images via Design Scene and LonnyMag}

  • Katharine

    Damn, dude gifter! He is doing it right! Thank you for capturing his good advice and adding your own in this post.

    The boyf and I started dating a month before my birthday, and he decided to gift me a series of four 15″ x 15″ framed photographs that he had taken. A gift that I was totally NOT expecting to receive, but ones that now count among my most treasured possessions!

    • Haha! I know, I know. He’s actually quite into the arts and culture. So our friendship works out well!

      Honestly, gifted art (which obviously includes photography) is by far the most intimate and cherished presents in my opinion. I’m hoping to speak to my friend’s father on giving us tips on how to purchase art. Thank you for the story! xx

  • LeeLee

    Great tips on gifting art.