safari chic & exotic escapes

I always associate July to be the month where summer peaks and prime days of beach visiting and traversing outdoors is among us. I usually swap my wardrobe to include more linens and cottons and mix of cooler colors and looser silhouettes. And thus with a wanderlust and travel hungry milieu, the neutrals and lighter colors always reminds me of some exotic escape to a desert in Jordan, an oasis in Morocco to a safari in South Africa. So today, we experience a safari.

* * *
  • Well this is perfect and now I want to go on a safari…and redecorate.

  • Jess & Gita

    These are great inspo photos. Although, I do always wonder when I see blazers and jackets in photos like these: isn’t it hot in the African desert? LOL

    ♥ Gita @

    • Haha 🙂 Well, linen and cotton is actually helpful against the skin… it’s all I wore when I backpacked through the middle east, but very observant 🙂 x