scented oil diffuser


Around this time of year, right before the summer holiday ends and school will consume most of my days {yet, not the case anymore}, I tend to get myself ready for the new year. Since autumn is often associated with the first day of classes, my clock naturally converts the peak days of summers in days of cleansing. I usually get my supplies ready and make my room orderly along with my closet to make sure I am ready for the storm. And sometimes that may include adding a little tidbit to the cleanse, open and rejuvenate my space, which is where a scented oil diffuser is perfect. My mother always would make her own mix as she was often skeptical of chemical formulas in pre-packaged diffusers. So today, I thought I would share my mother’s recipe for the scented oil diffuser.

{you will need}

a small tumbler or vase
baby oil
essential oil : we use lavender & vanilla
tablespoon of fresh sandalwood paste : optional
bamboo skewers


Add the sandalwood paste – this is where you get the color.
Fill half of the bottle with essential oils.
Remainder of the tumbler should be filled with baby oil.
Arrange the skewers in the tumbler, but stir the oils gently first.

{do-it-yourself scented oil diffuser}
{do-it-yourself scented oil diffuser}

Now, you don’t have to use sandalwood paste and can just use a single essential oil or a combination.
Happy aromatic cleansing!
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{all images by chevrons & éclairs}

  • So glad you shared this…I’ve been wanting to get a diffuser but they’re so pricey – plus, this one looks fun + easy to make 🙂

  • Sarah

    So easy to make. I’m doing a major “spring cleaning” in August and wanted to get a few candles and diffusers. Pinning this tutorial for future use! xxx

  • Tania Copeland

    do you have a favorite smell combination? I can’t do vanilla, but anything else??

    • I’m not a fan of citrus really, so I tend to go for florals. I do love lavender and rose (not together). Sometimes rose with a bit of woodsy musk is quite nice! x

  • Janie

    This is a fantastic idea! I usually make monthly trips to the farmers market to buy handmade incense. I will be rethinking that idea.

  • NS Lawrence

    ooooh!!! the sandalwood paste must be so lovely. xoxo

  • Melissa Newnan

    The sandalwood paste!!! I love that idea!!!

  • Caity Kowalczyk

    what a great idea and so much chicer than the ones at the store! with two dogs this will definitely come in handy!
    xo Caity
    must be magic

  • SBT

    The illustration in the background is to die for!

  • Beautiful pictures, lovely idea! 😀