seasides & sea shells

This time of the year is really tricky. Really, really tricky. I often associate it with holidays to beach houses and seaside dinners, but since graduating both university and graduate school, and moving forward to more professional settings, it’s all a bit tricky for me as summer holidays are typically just a few days to a week long as opposed to two months. But I don’t mind. And so I thought it was absolutely obligatory to have a post that represents what I’m truly feeling. Feeling a bit nostalgic of those summer holidays completely emancipated from the city and taking in the fresh salty air in a white linen dress with a sun kissed face.

* * *
{images via Tiffany Chou, Kester Black, The Y’all Hate Us, Saks Fifth Avenue via Fashion Gone Rogue, Linens, Girl Running, Kara Rosenlund, Soft World, Summers in Maine, Ann Nika}

  • Yes! I’m missing my nice long summer breaks too. University holidays were so long – it seems like far too long since I had one! And such a shame they were mostly spent earning money. Just think of all you could do with a two month break and some savings in the bank!

    Also, this post makes me want to pack a towel and some sunscreen and head to the beach.

    • Sabbie Narwal

      Oh gosh, I’m right in that boat now. Instead of taking the full four months off from college, I’m working, working, working. And trying to work up the nerve to take the last two weeks of my summer “holiday” off! Had it so good as school children, didn’t we?

    • That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Summers are such a tease these days 🙂

  • DNA (designers+artists)

    Inspiring post, being busy is a blessing, but taking even 2 days off for you is a luxury. (A wise mentor once told me)