wild rice, hazelnut and pomegranate chutney stuffed grape leaves

{dolmas with wild rice-hazelnut-pomegranate chutney stuffing} via chevrons & éclairs
{dolmas with wild rice-hazelnut-pomegranate chutney stuffing} via chevrons & éclairs

Recently I attended a potluck with some old friends that I hadn’t seen in a few years. It’s always lovely to see them, but I’m mostly fascinated by the fact that we are able to pick up where we left off. As if class was yesterday and we were walking back talking about whatever it was on our minds at the time. It makes it hard to talk about old times as they were always so lovely, yet those moments over time are fading and I find gaps in my memory.Recently, I thought about all the incredible experiences I’ve had, but pictures don’t really capture how I truly felt about a certain experience. Like the absolute concern with trembling knees when I was crossing the Syrian border, the cup of Turkish coffee and gold sun trickling inside a cafe in the middle of Cairo, the lovely tapas lunch or my first taste of churro in Granada and Madrid, or the afternoon tea in the Scottish Highlands. So I decided to caption, generously caption, my photos with what I remembered and how I felt and what I thought so I can remember and cherish those moments forever.And a bit of a disclaimer.

{note} the recipe makes about 55 stuffed grape leaves. I was making it for many people so don’t be alarmed by how many were made… though you can easily eat all 55 in a sitting.

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  • I love chutney! One morning I thought it was just jam and ate it for breakfast… And I kept eating it for some days more, until I realised it was chutney! But it was so tasty!

    We have a similar recipe in Grecce and we call this rolls “dolmadakia”!


    • YES!! I actually followed the folding technique of a Greek food blog site. Have you heard of Souvlaki for the Soul? Incredible. And chutney is my favorite to add to grilled cheese sandwiches 🙂 x

      • Yes, I follow Souvlaki for the soul! Today he had an amazing recipe for chocolate cake with pear!
        And of course, I love souvlaki in general! hahaha

  • Hannah

    Wow these look amazing, I’ve been looking to expand on my healthy recipe collection, so this has been bookmarked! Lovely photography also 🙂



    • It’s so healthy, Hannah and simultaneously indulgent! I actually have it for lunch. Sometimes I will make grilled chicken or poached salmon and have it for dinner so it covers all the food groups 🙂 x

  • This recipe is amazing… I LOVE stuffed grape leaves but it’s one of those foods I never think to make on my own and reserve for restaurant ordering. Might have to change that…

    • I actually thought the same, after a few screw ups in the kitchen when it came to wrapping, I got it and now I add whatever I want inside!

  • Yummy! I love the unique and tasty flair added into these stuffed grapes!!