15 august 2014

{15 August} via chevrons & éclairs
{15 August} via chevrons & éclairs
{15 August} via chevrons & éclairs
{15 August} via chevrons & éclairs
{15 August} via chevrons & éclairs

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy,
not on fighting the old, but building the new.”

* * *
♫♪ Dawn Golden – All I Want

It has been one of those weeks where I finally think things are certainly falling into place. I have everything unpacked and somewhat organized to my standards. I had some inspiring meetings and started to feel like I’m in place. Sort of. Change takes time to get used to, but from here, it’s about looking forward. I feel too antsy because I really want to know what the future holds. Though, I need to constantly remind myself to live in the present and enjoy the ride.

The week has been pretty packed with meetings and getting sorted and starting with work. So it has taken a toll on my body a bit. Soreness and exhaustion to an extreme has kicked in and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually need to slow down and take some rest. I guess new life means new demands on myself. I need to make a point to have some me time where I can emancipate from the to-do list. It was good to get some rest, but I think we all know that pausing life is quite difficult.

The weekend holds some fun plans. Today will be a dinner and drinks with one of my closest friends. Whilst catching up we will have a gastronomic adventure at my favorite chef’s restaurant. What a treat. Saturday will be a bit productive, but a fun productive. Trust me on this one, it’s all for you. And this Sunday I’m meeting another old friend of mine from my days at St. Andrews. Though he may not be too keen, I got him to agree on a visit to a Sunday flower market. So tell me, what are your weekend plans? Hope this weekend is as beautiful as ever. xo. -S

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