a chic bungalow


I’m not one to have a house. I’ve always been one who enjoys the city life and craves a space within the city surrounded by culture and people. I’m also not too fond of lawns. I find the maintenance of the outdoors rather brutal of a task. Though when I came across this space. A bungalow so quaint and chic with golds and deep hues and beautiful Victorian details, my heart skipped a beat… especially when seeing the bedroom. I could move right in, lawn and all.



  • I’m the same – well I’d be okay with a house perhaps, but i need proximity to the city! And I don’t really like lawns or plants in general, C and I have a deal that if we get a garden he’ll take care of it haha

    • haha we’re one in the same. I love interior decorating, but the thought of yard work stresses me out a bit. I think you and C have a good system going on! x