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“to think that in such a place, I led such a life…”

Just like novellas, life brings the height of events, the climax of the dog days, obstacles and challenges. Each piece of prose comes to an end. Though before the end characters are introduced, their lives are developed, they are personified and therefore we become invested. Each word, sentence, page, chapter draws on so many emotions and events. Just like everyday life.

My chapters were written from Illinois to Florida, from Ohio to DC to NYC, and again from Scotland… and now to London where I am ready to write the next novella of my life. I say novella, as opposed to another chapter, because I know this life will also bring multiple sides of me, life will throw times of difficulties, I will be adapting to a new world. Completely emancipated from my norm. Life is now about applying, as opposed to only growing.


{moving story} via chevrons & éclairs


So far I have been extremely grateful for this change in my life. My parents and little brother have been so supportive, giving me the courage to take a risk. My friends have been encouraging me to try new things that extend to the widest boundaries. Our family friends, based in London, have become my family away from home. Opening their arms and embracing me like one of their own. It has been the most beautiful of experiences and I’m honored to say, I live one hell of a life.

To continue the list of supportive groups and people in my life, I wanted to extend my warmest gratitude to Blacklane and British Airways. This move to London was going to be so difficult for me as leaving the comfort of my family and friends to a foreign world was not going to be an easy task. What could have been the most emotional moments in my life, Blacklane sent over a courtesy car with the sweetest driver-a father himself that recently said goodbye to his son as he embarked on his own journey. Additionally, British Airways consistently made sure I was comfortable and readying myself for a trip of a lifetime-giving me the comfort and luxuries that we only can dream of-making me feel special and making sure I was well rested for this brave new world.


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As you probably know, as I mention quite consistently, I do not work in any of the fields that I display on the blog. The blog is just the creative outlet that I look for after my 9-to-5, but do believe me in what I have to say, this is an opportunity of a lifetime that I never thought I would receive. I could never even fathom.

what does this mean for c&é?

Nothing at all. Nothing will change, and instead I rather use this blog to continue doing what I have always been doing, and that is writing my own story. Writing my story in the form of recipes, design posts, outfit posts and more. Without the risk of sounding like a sermon, I hope documenting this journey inspires you and others to take risks. Do something that you love, do something to make a difference, and do something that makes you believe in yourself.


{moving story} via chevrons & éclairs


Now it’s time for me to take what I’ve come with and to run with it. On behalf of chevrons & éclairs, Blacklane, and British Airways, we would like to officially welcome you to London!

This move would not have been possible without the help of Blacklane and British Airways. If you are planning a trip, or just a special evening or staycation, Blacklane would like to give all friends of c&é an special offer. When placing your reservation for your luxury courtesy car, use the promotional code CHEVRONSECLAIRS to save 10 EUR/GBP/USD on your ride.


  • So excited for this next chapter in your life! I am so proud to be able to call you a friend – you are an inspiration and a reminder that sometimes you have to take a risk to make things happen.

  • Sabbie Narwal

    Yay, Supal!! This sounds really exciting, so glad you’re taking a chance on London—it sounds like a perfect next novella 🙂 And you really are an inspiration, really!

    • Thank you so much, Sabbie! So sweet of you, and just the right thing to hear to continue unpacking this closet…

  • You have lived in many amazing places, lucky you!!! Great post, I love your style of writting and photography, always! <3

    • Diana, you legitimately always leave me the sweetest compliments 🙂 I’m so glad to hear that the blog continues to inspire you! x

  • Meghen Matta

    I love this new direction in your life, but also you leave it so vague! I want to know what lovely things you are getting into in London? Is this a job change, for the blog, fashion opportunity?

  • I’m so excited to see where this novella takes you!

  • London?!! So jealous of all the gorgeous pictures that you will take!

    • haha! I’m hoping to finally start taking proper photographs this weekend! Heading first to a flower market!

  • I absolutely loved reading this post. I won’t lie, when I visit new blogs it’s usually the imagery that I head for first. But with your blog, while the imagery is lovely, it was your writing that drew me in. You have such a way with words! That, and the fact that you’re moving to London and I spent this past summer falling in love with that city. If you don’t mind me asking, what business are you doing there? Also, do you host your blog through WordPress? You have a beautiful setup.

    Well, best of luck with everything! I will continue to check back to your blog to see all that life has in store for you 🙂


    • Aw Tiana, thank you so much and how very sweet of you! Do you remind sending me an email at supal(at)chevronsandeclairs(dot)com? I’ll give you all the answers and run down there. xx

  • Congratulations, Supal! I’m so, so happy for you. Enjoy the next novella 🙂

  • Supal, this is so awesome!! First, I want to congratulate you on this new journey, I wish you the best of lucks and I hope you will let us read this brand new novella through c&é 😉 I can’t wait to see the future pictures in this blog.. *overexcitement* !! XX

    | |

    • Haha!! I’m so excited to hear that 🙂 I’m finally going to walk around with my camera this weekend. Been swamped the last several days + jet lag is killing me. Will have proper photos up next week and perhaps a few on Friday on the weekend note! x

  • Parth V

    Woo hoo! Coming to England… seeya around

  • have so much fun in London, lucky girl!!!