the perfect black heels

I thought it was appropriate to have a sub-series within the {in the office} section on the blog. One that covers office appropriate fashion and styles. As I transition my closet to graduate school smart casual and basic wear to one that is more refined, I’m starting to understand the importance of investing in classic pieces that are versatile. Whilst perusing the inter-webs for some work closet inspiration, I came across mostly outfits that were either too trendy for my field or too boring for my taste. So I’m hoping that I can share my wisdom that I’ve gained from trial-and-error on how to incorporate and build your classic piece collection into your work wear wardrobe.

{in the office : perfect black heels} via chevrons & éclairs


I’ve seen heels, that I deem as office appropriate, come in three types of material: suede, leather and patent leather. For a setting that is more conservative and looking for refined and bold looks, suede and leather are the best options to go with. Patent leather is a shiny material that can be either too distracting and sometimes if the fitting isn’t right, it tends to rub against your skin and make sounds. Leather and suede also has a longer lifespan as they tend to not get scuffed up as easily and can be cleaned or polished.

{heel height & shape}

This is the most important aspect of a shoe. Heels in an office setting should be no higher than two and three-quarters of an inch. Most of my heels are at that height and it is easy to move and provides stability. You can also tell if the quality of a heel is good when your ankles are stable whilst walking and standing and doesn’t strain the back of your legs or your knees. My personal rule for work heels is that I go half an inch lower than what I can actually walk in.


One thing I look for in a heel is the inside. Is it soft leather? Is the back soft enough for my heels? Does the sole provide comfort? One thing I love about Ann Taylor heels is it’s genuine comfort. It almost feels like you’re walking on clouds. This reassures that you will not find it too straining to walk in heels.

{pointed versus rounded toe}

This is where the trend gets confusing. As much as I love a proper stiletto heel, I find them a bit discomforting as the pointed toe seems to cut off my circulation. If you are keen to find a pair that is pointed, find one that is slightly rounded like photographed in this post. If you want to go for something in patent leather, try to avoid the point as it is a much stiffer and tougher material.

{in the office : perfect black heels} via chevrons & éclairs

{a few of my favorite black heels}

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  • I need a good pair of black heels in my life for sure!!! Simple and chic, great choice Supal! <3 🙂

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

    • Thank Diana! Uh yes, I started working and realized a quality pair is SO critical for long work days. Let me know how you get on when you find your perfect pair… OH! you can blog about it 🙂 xx

      • If I find a pair I really like, I will! I am difficult with shoes in general, I have to feel that this is the ONE! haha 😀

  • I am a flats girl through and through but am forced to wear heels for tradeshows, to meet clients and such – it’s terrible! I hate being uncomfortable. I I have ONE pair that I can actually stand in all day long, and they’re actually pretty cute, but I’m totally going to wear out their welcome soon haha. Thanks for the suggestions on new pairs! I see a few that I really like up there 🙂

    • Oh, I’m a flats girl myself! I even hiked through the highlands in flats haha. So comfortable in them. Yup, I found that corporate world thinks heels are polished. I actually ordered a few sole society heels (get half size up if you’re keen), they’re cute-trendy-classic and loving them! x

  • I bought my perfect pair of black high heels for graduation years ago (wore it for the St And grad as well) – they are not too tall and they are very comfortable! Although I’m more a fan of pointy toes!

    • Comfort is the main thing when it comes to heels… I actually heard that if you tape your third and fourth toes together they make pointy toed heels comfortable. Something regarding nerves?

  • Patton C-N

    Och… I love your heels!! <3