three years

{c&é turns 3} via chevrons & éclairs
{the joy of thank you cards} via chevrons & éclairs
{c&é turns 3} via chevrons & éclairs

3 years have gone by since the very first blog post. It has been one of those adventures where it goes by so fast that you forget so many little details. A whirlwind really. In the last three years I have worked with the US Federal Government, attended graduate school and completed a masters, moved countries, said hello to incredible opportunities, and grown. Grown into an adult, or so I would like to think so. This little side project has turned into something extraordinarily beautiful. A place to convene, discuss, decipher, and create.

Though my day-to-day life is not the most exotic or artistic {and I promise I love what I do}, c&é has given me something I never could imagine. I had the opportunity to work with luxury brands like Harrods and Estée Lauder, collaborate with the KLC School of Design, recognized on some incredible blogs, reached out by Better Homes & Garden, and become an ambassador of ArtFeeds. Though these are just a few of the highlights. Coupled with all the other opportunities, I will be honest and say that these collaborations and partnerships were only possible with your support.

So thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to share my life, journey, experiences with you. For listening to me. For being my sound board and providing advice when I needed it, holding my hand when through the most difficult, and smiling and laughing through the brightest days.

If you enjoy reading c&é, please support the blog by donating just $1 to Art Feeds. Art Feeds exists to feed creative development and facilitate emotional expression in children. An organization that I am truly passionate for, as it enables children to express themselves and share their beliefs and opinions creatively. Art is so powerful, one of the only concepts in our society that blends the human creative skill with imagination producing work that are powerful beyond measure. You can find my stories with Art Feeds here and here.

Once again, thank you for making these three years one to remember, and I’m looking forward to another three and many more ahead!

xo, S

  • Well done Supal! It’s amazing how a small step can take you to a bigger destination, this is the magic of life! Sometimes we don’t have the patience to wait for the ‘big’ thing and we lose small miracles happening every day…! 🙂

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

    • Aw Diana! Wish we met in the beginning of this blogging adventure. You have been so helpful in keeping me enthusiastic 🙂 x

      • Aww it would be so nice! I’m a little late in the blog world!

  • Andrea jueong

    Congratulation on your 3 years.Lovely blog!

  • Three years! That’s major! I’m so happy you started 3 years ago, and can’t wait to see where you’ll be 3 years from now. I envision big things!

  • Yay! Such a great milestone. So glad I found your blog + can’t wait to see where things take you. Whatever happens, I know it will be great 🙂 xoxo

  • Happy blog anniversary, Supal! So happy I stumbled upon your gorgeous site a while ago, I always come back as I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts, hearing what you’ve got to say and what you’ve been going through. Here is to more years of blogging and creating to come! xx

    • Aw thank you so much Alina! I’m so glad you came across it! Can’t believe how my blog has helped me connect with so many incredible ladies like you! x

  • Rita Dayal

    Love your Blog! Congrats on the 3 years…hoping for many more years for you! We met at Ankur Desai’s wedding earlier this month and accidentally stumbled upon your blog. I have been advertising your blog on Facebook.

  • Carla

    Love your blog!

  • Wow, congrats on 3 years and may these be the first baby steps of your beautiful blog 🙂 X

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