5 september 2014

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“Everything you can imagine is real.” –Pablo Picasso

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♫♪ Mungo Jerry – In The Summertime

This Saturday is my official one month since I came over to London. Time truly flies when you’re having lots of fun, huh? I’m sure this month has gone by fast for you too! It feel like yesterday, I was teaming up with British Airways and Blacklane to give you exclusive details on what my next “location” will be. This month has been so many new opportunities. I didn’t realize how much this city has given to me until I was reflecting last night after a networking meeting as to what the city has done for me, my career aspirations and this lovely blog. It is only in London could I have a day time analytical life and then when the sun goes down I’m a fashion and lifestyle blogger, and a thriving one that is.

With all the qualms that come with moving to a big city and country, there are oh so many positives. There is one thing that I never had before until I moved here and that is strangers being so incredibly sweet. People smiles, tell me I’m pretty {I’m not kidding!}, talk to me in the restaurant or the train, even ask me if I need help getting around {when I look so confused}. Like last week when the man in front of me at a cafe bought my flat white, turned around and told me my ‘smile was infectious’. I don’t think I’ve had time to miss home or my family, but that’s not to say that I don’t miss them! {I know they’re reading this, especially my little brother.} It’s as if I’ve been caught in a school of fish and just been going-going-going. I’m not sure if that analogy makes any sense.

This weekend, I’m going to continue to take advantage of the warm and sunny London weather. In the midst of doing a bunch of blog things that I have neglected for much too long, I’m going rowing and walk around new neighborhoods with my camera to capture a little something for you, of course. Lastly, with London Fashion Week just around the corner there is much to be done! So tell me, do you have any plans this September weekend? Hope it’s a lovely one! xo. -S

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a note on happiness and expectations

the light in this maternity shoot

your art style, mine is updated traditional

blackberry rosé granita with basil whipped cream

destination wedding done right

diy gold marbled pencil cup

basic office outfit

‘mom’s first birthday’ project

healthy breakfast in a jar

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{images of Vauxhall, London captured by chevrons & éclairs}

  • It’s been a month already?? Time flies indeed! It’s so nice to feel good with this new step in your life! If you’re happy, you’re positive and also open to new wonderful chances, people and miracles!
    I’m so happy for you Supal, I’m wishing you a beautiful weekend! 🙂 <3

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

  • donna w.

    Supal…I can’t believe you’ve been living in London for a month already! Those are some lovely photos. I am sooo happy you’ve been blessed with this wonderful opportunity. You seem to be attracting people with your warm and friendly personality as I knew you would.

    I would loooove to check out London Fashion Week one year. Is this your first time?

    Keep smiling and enjoy your weekend,

    xo Donna

    • I know! ONE MONTH. That’s fairly significant in my opinion haha. You are just so sweet and motivating. Thank you.

      This is indeed my first fashion week in London. I can’t wait to share my thoughts, etc. Will keep you in the loop! Hope your weekend is lovely! x

      • donna w.

        I am looking forward to following your fashion week adventures! I am checking out the Toronto International Film Festival tomorrow evening. Got tickets to the red carpet premiere of Foxcatcher. Yay Channing Tatum and Steve Carell!

        enjoy the rest of your weekend! xo

        • Ah Channing. I’m salivating already!! Enjoy the film festival and please please take in every second on the red carpet! x

  • Your photos are really fueling my desire to visit London. I’ve never been but am dying to go! I am glad to hear you are enjoying your new home!

  • Great photos! Sounds like you’re having a lot of fun!


  • Gorgeous shots! I definitely want to visit London someday 🙂

    — Michelle | MXP STYLE

  • Joy | Frock Files

    Happy monthaversary! I can’t believe you’ve already been there that long. So glad you’re happy and enjoying every moment. Can’t wait to see more. xo

    • I know, right? Where has time gone? Honestly, I can’t wait to share! There is literally an endless list of things I want to show, photograph, experience, etc. Sort of wish my blog was a teleporting device that could bring you all to the latest cafe I blogged in or the last pub I visited. x

  • Mon

    beautiful photos. love this

    mon | http://www.monsemble.ca

  • Miss Pippi

    Wonderful photos. I hope your next month in London will be as amazing as your first was!