12 september 2014


“a ship at harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are for.”

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♫♪ Ben Howard – Promise

I’m at that point in my life where I contemplate all that I have done. It has been about growth, acquiring knowledge and advancing myself in both my field and personally. Now though, it’s about application. Taking what you learnt and using it in the real world. Until now, I wouldn’t say I’ve taken many risks, most of my decisions were easy and safe and just seemed like the right thing to do. Now I want to push myself a little more. Emancipating myself from the boundaries that my parents inevitably erected to keep me safe. It’s now about putting yourself out there and letting yourself be heard.

These contemplations and thoughts are the product of a long discussion I had with a colleague yesterday. A colleague much senior than me, but he has done some things in his life that he both regrets and is satisfied with. He told me that I currently function on that safe level that everyone twenty-something is used to and very few realize that breaking out of that is something that we don’t realize until very late.

This transition to London is the perfect opportunity for me to do that. To put myself out there. I’m sure most of you don’t know, except for my personal friends and family who read c&é, but I was once very shy and naive and still hold some of those traits today. It’s a bit intimidating to try and do things that can ultimately fail, but it’s a building block, isn’t it? I want to advance my career, start sketching the future, and painting my destiny. I know “being present” is something I struggle with and need to do a bit more, but I think that most successful of people are ones that can distinguish between two and are capable of being here and now whilst planning steps for the future. Apologies for being extremely vague, but I thought this message, in it’s most general forms, is a good one for all of us to hear. xo -S.

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{photos from Green Park, London after an evening walk in Knightsbridge}

  • I’ll use your words, because I loved them so much! By “sketching the future and painting your destiny”, you are present! In order to act now, you should have a plan or a dream for the future, so with that in mind, you can start with present! It’s always nice to dream how you want your future to be and then trust universe that will bring your way the best people and circumstances to achieve it! If we consider time as a circle for once, past, present, future happen at the same time, so what you want now, your future self already have it, so no worries! 🙂 <3

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

    • Oh Diana, I love going back and reading your comments they’re so true, encouraging and strong. You, yourself, have a way with words and emotions. Can’t believe I’m already making strides in the industry I work in! It’s hard growing up, but it’s also very exciting!! x

  • My dear Supal, no decision is easy! Everything that goes through your mind is important, I’m glad you’re living your life with such happiness, hope everything is always good for you! 🙂 x

    | http://www.noirettediary.com |

    • By the way, I just saw the A Lost Lebanon post, I’m going to show this to my dad cause it’s been years since the last time he went back to Lebanon (I’m sure you could already tell my lebanese roots hence my name haha). Thanks for sharing! X

      • Ah yes, I thought you had Arab roots and it’s good to see they come from Lebanon! I actually spent a good chunk of time in the Levant and actually visited Beirut, hope to go back again some day 🙂 x

        • It sounds so nice! I really hope you can go back there soon, and of course share some pictures on your blog 🙂 X

          • I most definitely will… I’m actually thinking about sharing a bit about my middle east adventures from my past (before c&é existed). I think it will help conceptualize what I really do day-to-day and help breakdown stereotypes of sorts.

          • That’s a great idea, I’ll wait for a post like that :)!

    • Thank you so much, Siham! It really is difficult to come by an easy decision. Sometimes I feel as if I’m the only one who has to make tough decisions, but in the end it’s nice that everyone kind of has to go through it. You are much too kind. x

  • I have no doubt that you’ll carve the future you want and that you’ll continue to push your boundaries. Following your blog, I feel that as shy as you may be, courage and ambition are still defining characteristics of C&E. Good luck! xx

    • I’m so happy to hear that! I don’t want c&é to be just about pretty pictures and things, but a space where people learn a bit, engage themselves, and think outside of the box. It’s why I like to focus on narratives, philosophy, thoughts and ideas. x

  • Hope that you will be happy with your decision, there’s nothing better than living your life the way you want to.
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