make your own gin bar

{DIY gin bar} via chevrons & éclairs

I do find it a shame that many of my friends, who inspire me daily, don’t have blogs. Though I’m glad c&é is a place we can all come together. When my friend Sarah reached out to me not too long ago, she mentioned she was putting together a gin bar for her boyfriend. Obviously, with my love affair with gin, and is quite prominent here on c&é, I was intrigued. So today I have Sarah sharing her DIY gin bar for her ever-so-lovely boyfriend. And be sure to scroll all the down as you will be in for a treat as I share a few of my favorite gin cocktails.

{DIY gin bar} via chevrons & éclairs
{DIY gin bar} via chevrons & éclairs

{you will need}

antique medical cart
steel wool
painter’s tape
spray paint

{and to decorate}

drinking glasses
fun, festive fabric
vase for flowers or straws
chessboard of choice, gold used here

{DIY gin bar} via chevrons & éclairs
{DIY gin bar} via chevrons & éclairs
{DIY gin bar} via chevrons & éclairs


1. clean brass surface with warm water and cloth. For any rust spots, lightly use steel wool to buff the marks.
2. let the brass dry over some hours, and then use a primer to prep the metal. The primer doesn’t have to be anti rust, but mine was. Primer usually gives it a funky color, but don’t worry. I gave mine two coats over the course of two weeks (letting completely dry each time).
3. cover areas you don’t want painted (the wheels for me), and thoroughly spray paint. I chose a high shine metallic spray paint to make it shiny looking. I put three coats of paint for the final spray.
Tip. Be sure to spray paint outdoors and wear gloves when working on the staining.

{DIY gin bar} via chevrons & éclairs

{c&é’s favorite gin cocktails}

citrus-rosemary gin cocktail
five twists on the gimlet
early grey infused
gin thyme lemonade
elderflower gin fizz