red lentil-tomato soup with saffron-white truffle oil

{red lentil-tomato soup with saffron-white truffle oil}{red lentil-tomato soup with saffron-white truffle oil}

I was always one of those kids back in grade school with gourmet lunches. Sandwiches that were layers of fresh vegetables and herbs and homemade mayonnaise. The one that would have immaculate fresh fruit salads. Sometimes homemade bread or leftover pasta dinner. Silly me, I would sometimes want to trade lunches with others {and I actually did, sorry mummy!}. But there was one thing that I never gave up. Every Wednesday, my school offered grilled cheese and as an indulgence {because my parents never believed in buying school lunch} my mother would give me $1.10 to get a grilled cheese to accompany my thermos full of red lentil-tomato soup. I’m not sure why I loved the soup so much, considering it was as “gourmet” as my other meals. I guess it’s because it was the one time my parents did let me eat like the “normal” kids.

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