chic cat ears for halloween



I have never been much of an enthusiast for the halloween holiday. Though in the peak of my uni days, I was one to attend parties all weekend in a different and new costume. Each of theme homemade as halloween costumes on a college campus were always picked over. I also was the type who wasn’t very keen to wear something that was over the top. And so, simple do-it-yourself crafting would ensue on Thursday nights as we prepare for the weekend. One that I replicated quite often was the very sexy cat




{you will need}

metal headband
21 gauge wire
super glue
wire cutter
gold spray paint




{step one}

Cut two pieces of wire about 7 inches in length. (Longer or shorter depending on how big/small you want the ears.) Bend the wire in half to form a triangular shape.




{step two}

Position the ears where you want them on the headband. Make a mark wherever the wire hits the headband.




{step three}

Position one end of the wire on either side of the headband and bend it over. Use pliers to tighten the bend. Position the other end of the wire on the opposite side of the headband. (This will help the wire ear from falling over to one side.) Bend the wire and tighten. Repeat for the second ear.




{step four}

If your wire doesn’t match your headband, spray paint the entire thing. Let it dry.




{step five}

Position the rhinestones around ear to get a general idea of how to space them. Glue the rhinestones to the wire. Let the rhinestones dry completely before wearing.




It’s as easy as that! Now just put on a cat-eye and perhaps a little red lip with an all black ensemble, you’ve got the perfectly chic halloween cat costume.

* * *

{tutorial originally from Why Don’t You Make Me}

  • This is what I would go for!!! In rose gold maybe, but same idea!!! 😀

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

  • Kat

    These are cute, and I appreciate you credited the source, but I was disappointed to see that all of your pictures were just pulled from the source and weren’t your own. I would have hoped to see your own version of this craft.

  • Iclal Bulur

    Thanks for sharing, this is soo cute. I have to make this for my sister!

  • This is such a cute and lovely idea Supal! It’s like a kitty tiara 🙂

    | |

  • Kat

    I’ve been enjoying reading your blog and like to interact through comments on blogs in general. I’m surprised to see that you deleted my comment after I said I wished you would have shown your own version instead of just taking the pictures from your cited source and editing them. You linked to the source, surely you had to realize people may check out the link and realize these weren’t your pictures. I’d like to see pictures of the one you made. Did you even make one?

  • Sharon

    What a beautiful little DIY for Halloween. Simple but oh so pretty