chic white pumpkin vase

pumpkin vase 1


The autumn season brings in the most beautiful hues in nature. From green to auburn to magentas and pinks. As most of you probably will concur with me, I’m quite opposed to the jack-o-lantern look on the doorstep. {Secretly, however, I enjoy making them!} Instead I opted for a chic, white pumpkin that I came across one of London’s finest weekend produce markets. With a few stems of hydrangeas and other lovely fall fleurs, I thought a little pumpkin and halloween inspired doorstep arrangement would be too lovely not to share.


pumpkin vase 2


{you will need}

a white pumpkin
sharp kitchen knife
a scoop or spatula
terracotta vase
autumnal flowers of choice


pumpkin vase 3


{step one}

After wiping down the pumpkin to remove any dirt and dust, use a market to draw a circle around the circumference. This should be anywhere from one and half to two inches from the stalk.


pumpkin vase 4


{step two}

Using a sharp knife, sometimes even a serrated knife will work, cut against the marked line. Remove the, what is now a, lid.


pumpkin vase 5


{step three}

Using a spatula, scoop out the seeds and membrane. You can use the seeds to make different snacks like spiced roasted pumpkin seeds. Here are 12 things you can do with pumpkin seeds!


pumpkin vase 6


{step four}

Place the pumpkin either by a draft windowsill or outdoor on a veranda or balcony so that the air will dry out the inside.


pumpkin vase 7


{step five}

Gather your flowers and arrange them in your hand. Trim the stems to fit the height of the pumpkin. Place inside the terra-cotta vase with water and just a tsp of sugar. The sugar will help extend the lifetime of the flowers.


* * *

{originally shared on The Editer}