maximizing your studio

With all my moves in the last decade or to college and from city-to-city and even across the pond as of recently, I have learned to work with very different spaces. Some that were well-lit were often lacking closet space, others had bizarre layouts or narrow hallways, yet they all were studio apartments. A blank canvas for you to determine where to sleep, read, work. Though coming from a college where two roommates shared four bedrooms and then moving to big cities where space was limited and costly, I came to enjoy studios more than a bedroom-based room. You had more control and were able to write your living arrangement’s destiny. And so today I share with you how to maximize your studio space based on my experiences…

{maximizing your studio} via chevrons & éclairs

{take advantage of your walls}

Walls become a space for you to express yourself in a studio. Since oftentimes cabinets and shelving is either minimal or non-existent you can use wall space to decorate. A gallery wall with personal photos, art and even textured pieces can angle your design or an exposed shelving unit perfect for decor and storage.

{divide space strategically}

Open bookshelves allow storage without blocking natural light whilst dramatically diving a space like between a bedroom and a work space. Though my favorite idea has been wallpapering a section of your studio. I used to have a textured floral wallpaper in the living room section of my studio space to help distinguish between my work space and living room.

{maximizing your studio} via chevrons & éclairs


The number one rule we all learn when decorating any space is that mirrors open up your room. It does and mirrors does wonders. Adding a mirror that faces a window help bring in more light and gives the allusion that your space is longer than it actually appears. The best places to add a mirror is above the nightstand like the first photo, on the wall behind a sofa or even on top of a mantel.

{away from bulky pieces}

When I was organizing decor ideas when I first moved to DC I came across a number of bar cart ideas. Bar carts, however, are much to long and wide and take up too much wall space. I used a butler tray instead, same function more space. Sometimes a love seat is a better option than an entire sofa or a set of two very comfortable arm chairs with a table in between so you don’t need a longer coffee table.

{maximizing your studio} via chevrons & éclairs

{bring your space outdoors}

As mentioned before, using mirrors all you to maximize your space. Reflecting mirrors to face your window allows you to bring natural sunlight in whilst giving the allusion that your space is incorporated with the outdoors. Also, decorating with fresh flowers and a few succulent plants help liven up the space adding color and incorporating a natural, organic feel. Have you lived in a studio before? What are your best kept tips for maximizing space?

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