modern classics

{modern classics} via chevrons & éclairs {modern classics} via chevrons & éclairs {modern classics} via chevrons & éclairs {modern classics} via chevrons & éclairs {modern classics} via chevrons & éclairs

{shirt} express
{trousers} express
{tie} express
{shoes} steve madden
{sunglasses} ray-bans
{watch} rolex
{reversible belt} guess

A timeless look is what I love on any man’s sartorial silhouette. Fitted trousers, a crisp shirt, accompanying shoes and a bit of personality on the socks of the pocket square in the blazer’s pocket. It’s simple to get lost in the same old look, varying colors, but same look. It’s why we decided to share something that still holds that classic silhouette, but modernizing the look with a edgier accessories and cuts. Straight cut trousers with only the most subtle crease at the ankle. A square toe shoe and bold, yet modest shapes as exemplified in the gingham tie and reversible belt. Instead of matching your accessories, work with a complimenting palette.

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  • This is a timeless and chic look indeed! Too bad men in my age don’t dress like that! 🙂

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

    • Haha! That’s my little brother in the post, he’s 22! It helps to have a strict sister that dresses her brother 🙂 x

      • Really??He looks older! This is why outfits are so important! 😀

  • CompassionateLee

    Always wonderful to see a gentleman dressed to the nines…Happy Thursday, Supal 🙂

    • So true! Honestly, I do love a white tee and jeans too 🙂 Hope you are having a lovely start of the week! x

      • CompassionateLee

        Thanks Supal! Yes, I enjoyed this Monday immensely…there was lovely weather here on the Northeast. I hope your Monday went well 🙂

  • Hayley Larue

    Love this! My boyfriend would too. I know this isn’t a mens fashion blog, but he always likes when I find some type of mens fashion post!

    • I’m incorporating more mens post actually. Will be talking about grooming/fashion/design, etc. If you or your boyfriend have suggestions let me know! Would love to hear the ideas! Have a lovely day, Hayley xx

  • SBT

    I LOVE the menswear posts – my boyfriend is stuck in a too basic wardrobe. So happy these are some pictures that he can enjoy “because pinterest isn’t my thing.*”

    *I won’t tell him about the c&e pinterest hehehe

    • Haha! I do have a menswear related pinterest board! I’m hoping to incorporate more mens fashion and design here. xx

  • Nadieyaa Gibb

    wow… nice post.. you look great! – Glam is Everything

  • Very elegant and stylish look!